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Mahabharat anecdote for the week: Here is a lesson on self-control and the importance of kind words

 It is the worst kind of person who makes a harsh and wrathful speech, who pierces the vitals of others with wordy thorns, bears hell in his tongue

Published on 29th May 2022
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Mahabharata anecdote of the week: Here’s a lesson on forgiveness

When the Pandavas started living in the forest after losing the gambling match, Draupadi once remarked to Yudhishthira that he should never forgive those responsible for their plight

Published on 8th May 2022
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Mahabharat anecdote for the week: Here is our lesson on forgiveness from the Battle of Kurukshetra

Modern psychology defines forgiveness as a conscious decision to let go of resentment and the need for revenge

Published on 24th April 2022
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What could be a significant sacrifice? A story from the Mahabharata explains:

The greatest sacrifice is not one where the giver can afford to give the biggest gift; it is the one where the giver can least afford to give whatever little they are giving

Published on 6th February 2022

There is no trade in love  

In Mahabharata, the five Pandavas and Draupadi had to go to the forest after Yudhishthira gambled with the Kauravas and lost his kingdom.

Published on 23rd January 2022
Trisha Das

Kama chameleon: Vir Das' sister Trisha intertwines history and romance in her new book

Comedian Vir Das’ sister, author and filmmaker Trisha Das, tells a story of love and intimacy in her new book.

Published on 19th September 2018

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