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Why Twitter urged its users to change password 

The 280-character unique site also acts as a platform for news and usually encrypts all the passwords through a process called ‘hashing’ so that they are not visible to people even inside the company.

Published on 4th May 2018
Kanye West

Kanye West reveals personal iPhone password in front of cameras; experts say it is 000000

Kanye while talking to Trump unlocked his phone in front of all the cameras and according to many experts the passcode is the most common one used by many people.

Published on 13th October 2018

Dev and Rukmini launch the song Trippy Lage 

Dance to the tune of Trippy Lage from the upcoming release Password

Published on 29th September 2019

Tolly stars Dev and Rukmini on their Puja release, Password and more

The super chilled out and ever good-looking Tolly couple, Dev and Rukmini Maitra, chat with Indulge about their Puja release, Password, and more

Published on 4th October 2019

Username and passwords of five lakh servers leaked by hacker

The five lakh devices still remain at hacking risk as a hacker can use the IP addresses included in the lists.

Published on 20th January 2020
Zoom app

This bug on the video meeting app, Zoom can let hackers steal your Windows password

Besides Windows credentials, the vulnerability can also be exploited to launch any programme present on a targeted computer

Published on 2nd April 2020

Report: Most firms face security breach because of their risky password behaviour

According to SecureLink, a third-party remote access platform, enterprises must take note that how network credentials are managed directly reflects overall security

Published on 6th June 2020

Apple's incentive for password manager developers; the tech giant launches an open-source project

The project would help developers of password managers collaborate to create strong passwords that are compatible with popular websites

Published on 6th June 2020

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