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Dussehra, the celebration of good prevailing over evil, is a time for gatherings and traditional meals So Here We are Some Dussehra Recipe

Here are quick and delicious Dussehra recipes to savour

These recipes offer a delightful journey into our culinary heritage, allowing you to savour the rich flavours with ease.

Published on 22nd October 2023
Ganesh Chaturthi is a joyous occasion marked by tradition, culminating in the grand Ganesh Visarjan, where devotees pray to Lord Ganesha for happiness, prosperity, and success.

Ganesh Chaturthi: 6 beloved offerings for Lord Ganesha

The festivities of Ganesh Chaturthi are observed with immense enthusiasm throughout the country

Published on 17th September 2023
These recipes will take minimum time and bring back those memories that you shared with your family during the festival

Here are some recipes to help you bring Onam home, wherever you may be!

Onam is an extravagant festival and the elaborate feasts play a huge role in the celebrations not only in Kerala but across the world

Published on 3rd September 2022

Relish the flavours of Ganesh Chaturthi at Hyderabad’s Gaurang’s Kitchen with a 22-item wholesome meal!

The thali serves vegetarian dishes from the South, the Deccan and Western India that are specially made for this festival

Published on 27th August 2022

6 desserts made of rice for some sweet feasting this Pongal weekend

We decided to think outside the pot this harvest season!

Published on 12th January 2019

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