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Pratul Dash's acrylic and oil painting on canvas titled ‘Moonwalk’

Latitude 28 in New Delhi is hosting an art exhibition that delves into simulated realities of a modern society

Bold colours and mixed narratives are the underlying themes of an art exhibition in Delhi that tries to explore simulated realities of a modern society

Published on 14th November 2021
Farhad Husain’s Magical Childhood Memories

Phantasmagoria, a new art show, features works by artists who explore the idea of reality in the age of simulation

Curated by Bhavna Kakar, art historian and founder of the gallery, the show is an explosion of colours

Published on 5th November 2021
re Wedding Fun

Farhad Husain explores the complex dynamics of human relationships in urban societies with his exhibition, Phantasmagoria

This exhibition features artists who interpret real-world issues through dystopian imagery

Published on 28th October 2021

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