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Bigg Boss 14: On Disha Parmar's birthday, Rahul Vaidya asks her to marry him

Bigg Boss 14 contestant and singer Rahul Vaidya confesses his love for actress Disha Parmar on the show.

Published on 11th November 2020

Bigg Boss 14: Gauahar Khan is all praises for Rahul Vaidya

Bigg Boss 7 winner Gauahar Khan considers singer Rahul Vaidya as one of the true solo performers in the ongoing season of the reality TV show.

Published on 9th November 2020

Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli's cheap tricks draw flak from contestants

Nikki Tamboli resorts to cheap tricks during the nomination task

Published on 3rd November 2020

Netizens slam Salman Khan for scolding Rahul Vaidya and Kavitha Kaushik

Salman Khan is being criticised for not handling the nepotism debate well 

Published on 3rd November 2020

Bigg Boss 14: How Rahul Vaidya uses Jaan's insecurity against him

Rahul Vaidya uses Jaan's agitation against him further and pokes him, which irritates Jaan and he pushes Rahul.

Published on 27th October 2020

Bigg Boss 14 housemate Rahul Vaidya: 'People in power promote remixes'

Asked if he feels Bollywood has run out of ideas when it comes to music, what with the sudden surge in remixes, Rahul Vaidya blames music labels and producers for the trend.

Published on 14th October 2020

Bigg Boss 14 housemate Rahul Vaidya: 'In Bollywood, singers not paid for film recordings'

Rahul Vaidya, who is currently a housemate on Bigg Boss 14, shared that singers indeed don't get paid for film recordings in Bollywood.

Published on 8th October 2020

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