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The flavourful starters at Awadh

Salt Lake's Awadh serves authentic Awadhi cuisine along with a lot of drama

The humble, cosy diner has utilised their rich experience in Awadhi food and developed a menu comprising Kolkata’s favourite Awadhi dishes which cater to the local palate.

Published on 3rd February 2023

Poolside restaurant, Blue Terrain, rolls out a new range of cocktails, meal bowls and desserts

The new menu by chef Karan Kohli also includes organic and plant-based dishes.  

Published on 3rd February 2023

Savour classic Indian delicacies at this new spot called India Bistro in Indiranagar

offering creamy North Indian curries, chaats and refreshing mocktails, India Bistro recently opened its first outlet in the city

Published on 27th January 2023
XO Fried Rice, a dish from the special menu for Chinese New Year at Shao

Food Review: Bengaluru restaurant Shao curates special menu for Chinese New Year 

We dropped by the restaurant for dinner on Sunday. Here's how it went

Published on 24th January 2023

Radisson Blu Hotel GRT opens Chennai’s first Anglo Indian restaurant, Ministry of Chutneys 

In theme with the name, look out for a 'chutney trolley' and delicacies like Ball Curry and Coconut Rice

Published on 6th January 2023
The ambiance

Here's how novel Ragi The Kitchen homes in on soothing its guests  

Newly-opened Ragi The Kitchen serves you authentic Telangana delectables so you never miss home, and also has special delicacies for Sankranti


Published on 13th January 2023

The newly opened Prequel offers movie-themed cocktails and a  global menu

If you enjoy delectable desserts and quirky cocktails, Prequel should definitely be on your list of bars to visit.  

Published on 13th January 2023

Food entrepreneur Rajeev Paul provides a sneak peek into the challenges of running 23 restaurants at one go

Bhoiter Raja Dilo Bor has recently launched an experience named Shundi Rajar Darbar which includes two silver thalis named after the princesses Manimala and Muktomala

Published on 30th December 2022
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Check out the offerings at these Kolkata eateries to celebrate Christmas & New Year

From Chinese, continental, Indian to seasonal delicacies, there is everything on offer.

Published on 24th December 2022
Bacon Mac and Cheese Poppers from the Grazing Menu of Sly Granny

Bengaluru restaurant Sly Granny launches new menu

From crispy baguettes to spicy skewers, the dishes on the menu mainly comprised classic finger food

Published on 16th December 2022
Winter specials

This winter, try these specially-curated delicacies from these Kolkata eateries

Are you team European cuisine or Indian?

Published on 23rd December 2022
Kwality turns 70

Old is gold: Park Street's iconic Kwality restaurant turns 70

Announced as a heritage restaurant by the Indian Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage, the diner turned 70 this year and we couldn’t help but revisit the place to have a taste of nostalgia.

Published on 16th December 2022
Interiors of Babylon

Mesopotamia-themed Babylon lounge opens its doors for foodies

Babylon, a lounge bar nestled in the by-lanes of Salt Lake tries to recreate slices of that ancient city albeit in a modern manner.

Published on 16th December 2022

The Kannadigas Golden Food (K.G.F) is a space inspired by the blockbuster Kannada film series K.G.F

Themed restaurants aren't new to Bengaluru, but up until now, the city lacked a themed restaurant based on a Kannada movie.

Published on 28th November 2022
Chef Fabrizio Marino

Meatless in Male: First vegetarian restaurant in Maldives

The Maldives, famous for its seafood, is also home to a quaint restaurant offering exclusive vegetarian fare

Published on 27th November 2022

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