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HIT 2 Second Case review

HIT: The Second Case Review: A racy thriller with smart twists

Like any good thriller, HIT 2 never reveals all its cards at once

Published on 3rd December 2022
Poster for Hasyam

'Hasyam' movie review: Pitch-black humour at its finest

Although Jayaraj asks us to accompany his characters to hospitals or ride with them in ambulances, he constantly maintains a light touch throughout the eighth film in his navarasa series

Published on 29th November 2022
A still from the movie 'Disenchanted'

'Disenchanted' review: No enchantment, whatsoever

Her perennial quest for the ‘happily ever after’ makes them move to the suburbs, and this is where the film really starts to fall off

Published on 27th November 2022
Director Ranjith Sankar

'4 Years' movie review: Ranjith Sankar impresses with a novel love story

One of the most admirable things about '4 Years' is that it doesn’t go in a predictable direction, even though, deep down, you wish for it

Published on 26th November 2022

'Smile' movie review: an unsettling horror film that fails to realise its true potential

While Finn never gets past scratching the surface, where his film excels is in the performance zone and the brilliant score that elevates the tension of certain scenes

Published on 23rd November 2022
A still from American black comedy horror thriller film ‘The Menu’

'The Menu' movie review: A neatly made dark comedy with the right amount of thrills

A select group of extremely privileged individuals buys their way into an exclusive fine-dining experience on a remote island

Published on 22nd November 2022
A still from Falling for Christmas

Falling for Christmas movie review: Lindsay Lohan is charming in this template romcom

The film is a decent family entertainer, thanks to the earnest performances by its primary cast, especially Lindsay Lohan

Published on 20th November 2022
Alps Goodness Orange Peel Powder for Skin & Hair

Product review: Double delight with the Alps Goodness Orange Peel Powder for Skin & Hair

The Alps Goodness Orange Peel Powder for Skin & Hair is a pocket-friendly, dual-purpose mask. Once you open the seal, a zip-log packet contains the powder that is unscented

Published on 20th November 2022
Gadget review for the week: Reach T-400 Treadmill

Gadget reviews of the week: CCA Lyra in-ear monitor and Reach T-400 treadmill

This week, our columnist has reviewed the IEM (In-ear monitor), Lyra from CCA, and the T-400 treadmill from Reach

Published on 20th November 2022
Google Pixel 7 Pro

Google Pixel 7 Pro Review: Google’s vision for Android gets clearer

In a sea of sameness that is smartphone design these days, the new Pixel 7 Pro instantly stands out as being uniquely Pixel in design

Published on 19th November 2022
A snapshot from the film

'Moosada' movie review: An immersive horror thriller

Masooda succeeds in staying true to the genre conventions

Published on 19th November 2022
A still from the movie 'Wonder Women'

Wonder Women review: Anjali Menon’s feel-good drama invites you to be vulnerable

This is a movie intended to register a therapeutic effect for expectant mothers and their partners

Published on 18th November 2022
Besides throwing the major spotlight on Diana and her post-separation phase, this season is one to look out for certain unexpected moments

'The Crown' season 5 review: Few shining moments in show about a monarchy’s collapse

The fifth season is where Imelda Staunton takes over as Queen Elizabeth and chronicles the time span between 1991-97

Published on 15th November 2022
A still from the movie 'The Good Nurse'

The Good Nurse movie review: Compellingly melancholic

The film is based on the story of how Amy helped the police catch hold of fellow nurse and serial killer Charlie

Published on 13th November 2022

With sprawling lawns and global cuisine, this al fresco diner offers a sense of tranquility 

The classic comfort food and interesting concoctions coupled with the serene atmosphere will keep us coming back to this hidden gem tucked in the interiors of Yelahanka.

Published on 13th November 2022

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