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ShareChat partners with Audible Magic to manage unlicensed use of music

Silicon Valley-based Audible Magic is a leading provider of rights management and automatic content recognition (ACR) solutions

Published on 9th November 2020

Microsoft investing about $100 million in Indian regional social media app, ShareChat

ShareChat has a user base of over 140 million monthly active users in the country

Published on 7th August 2020

After TikTok gets banned in India, ShareChat records 15million downloads 

Is ShareChat filling the void left behind TikTok in India?

Published on 1st July 2020
Indian PM Narendra Modi (Photo: IANS)

As India badly needs a 'desi' Facebook, will Prime Minister Narendra Modi deliver?

Is there anything 'desi' in store for those in India, who can't keep away from Facebook, Insta and Twitter?

Published on 3rd March 2020

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