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Painting history on canvas

Painting history on canvas

From clearance sales of mammoth tusks to mega launches of grandfather clocks, the world has certainly seen the rise and fall of many commodities

Published on 16th December 2021
Congregation in a village, oil on canvas (1957)

Artist Somnath Hore's ‘Wounds’ series, on display at New Delhi, portrays raw reality of starvation, loss, suffering

It was perhaps the trauma of being witness to a catastrophe like the Bengal famine in 1944 that Somnath continued to feel drawn towards pain, a theme that has come to define his artistic practice

Published on 15th May 2022

Emami Art has come up with an exclusive exhibition of artist Somnath Hore’s works

The display includes sketches from an unpublished sketchbook and intaglio prints from his time in Delhi to name a few

Published on 1st July 2022

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