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Have you seen GOT star Maisie William's amazing hair transformation yet?

Ever since the show got over last year, she unveiled various looks which her fans loved!

Published on 11th September 2020

Artist Anjan Modak's Fragmented Life is a stark take on the post-pandemic life of migrant workers

On till August 31, this exhibition at Emami Art showcases how public life has come to a standstill since the lockdown

Published on 7th August 2020

Original script detail from Iron Man about Howard Stark leaves fans heartbroken and angry

The scene reiterates what fans have always known, Howard Stark was never a good father!

Published on 25th April 2020

This new GoT deleted scene explains how Tyrion and Sansa survived ‘The Long Night’

If you still haven't gotten over the Game of Thrones finally, fans will be relieved to find out that there is plenty of unseen footage from Season 8.

Published on 2nd December 2019
Maisie Williams

'I  felt kind of ashamed for a while': Maisie Williams on facing challenges while filming Game Of Thrones

In May, GOT ended with a season finale (S8), which received a mixed response with fans also signing a petition to remake the last season. 

Published on 5th October 2019
Stark Denial

Mumbai-based black metal band Stark Denial to headline Kochi’s Infernal Fest 

They’ll play alongside The Black Regiment, Necrophilia, Bad Taste and xrepeatx

Published on 6th September 2019

Game of Thrones cast talks divisive finale, water bottles at Comic-Con

Game of Thrones may be over but the cast can't seem to get away from stray coffee cups

Published on 20th July 2019

LEGO uses 35,000 bricks to build life-size Iron Man Mk L suit for San Diego Comic-Con

LEGO Master Builders took 255 hours to design and build it

Published on 16th July 2019
Sony Pictures image shows Numan Acar, Tom Holland & Jacky Gyllenhaal in a scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home (Jay Maidment/Columbia Pictures/Sony via AP)

Spider-Man: Far From Home not about replacing Iron Man, says Tom Holland

Is Spider-Man: Far From Home about Peter Parker/Spider-Man becoming the next Iron Man? Actor Tom Holland says it is not about replacing Iron Man, but stepping up as a superhero.

Published on 1st July 2019

Game of Thrones fans! Check out clutches inspired by the show at a new Hyderabad store

Also, this store has classy ivory interiors interspersed by the gold of the potlis.

Published on 2nd May 2019
Lyanna Mormont (Bella Ramsey)

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3: Arya Stark and Lyanna Mormont steal the show in The Long Night

While a few were impressed with the Battle of Winterfell, others thought the episode was unnecessarily long and could’ve been more ‘dramatic’.

Published on 29th April 2019
Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner GOT Season 8

Priyanka Chopra wishes Sophie Turner good luck with the release of Game of Thrones Season 8, calls her 'J sister' in Instagram post

Priyanka shared a picture of Sophie on her Instagram wishing her good luck and even telling her that she is very loved.

Published on 15th April 2019
Game of Thrones for dummies: It's never too late to understand series plot twists

Game of Thrones for dummies: It's never too late to understand series plot twists

Since you don't have the time (or probably the stamina) to binge watch the past 67 episodes, here's what you need to know to follow along.

Published on 13th April 2019
Kit Harington portrays Jon Snow (HBO via AP)

Fire, ice and puberty: How Game of Thrones characters have grown over the years

Here's a look at the twisted journeys of some of the characters who've managed to make it from 2011's season one to season eight of the HBO series.

Published on 9th April 2019

Game of Thrones’ Bran Stark received torrent of abuse after Hodor’s death; fans blamed him for character's death

Isaac said people started to abuse him about his appearance with one user saying he was a plastic surgeon and was really interested in doing some rhinoplasty for the actor.

Published on 2nd April 2019

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