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If It Bleeds by Stephen King

'If it bleeds, it leads': In Stephen King's new book, expect humour, horror and breathtaking suspense

The latest offering from Stephen King is a collection of four uniquely wonderful long stories, including a stand-alone sequel to the No. 1 bestseller, The Outsider.

Published on 8th July 2020
Ahead of Doctor Sleep release, here are 5 must-watch Mike Flanagan movies

Ahead of Doctor Sleep release, here are five must-watch Mike Flanagan movies 

Having written, directed and edited some of the best horror flicks to come out in the last three years, Flanagan's lastest is the much-awaited sequel to cult favourite, The Shining.

Published on 5th November 2019
Stephen King

Ahead of Doctor Sleep release, Twitter celebrates prolific author Stephen King’s 72nd birthday

The Shining sequel releases in India on November 8.

Published on 24th September 2019

Author Stephen King quits Facebook due to misinformation and fake news

The 72-year-old King is politically active and very outspoken regarding his views on US President Donald Trump. 

Published on 3rd February 2020

Here's everything you wanted to know about the new web-series The Stand, an adaptation of Stephen King's post-apocalyptic dark fantasy

Stephen King’s 1978 novel The Stand gets a small screen adaptation; key actors James Marsden, Amber Heard and Greg Kinnear tells us more

Published on 18th December 2020

IT seems worthwhile on every level: Stephen King

Author Stephen King's horror novel It will be brought alive on the big screen next month. He says It  isn't just a horror movie, it has resonance.

Published on 16th August 2017

Seven new must-read books on Kindle for the lockdown season

Get your hands on the newest best selling books by John Grisham, Stephen King, James Patterson and others

Published on 6th May 2020
Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise

Stephen King unravels the fear factor

The master of psychological thrillers, Stephen King, speaks about his own childhood monsters and clown that haunted generations of horror fiction fans

Published on 8th September 2017

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