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Apple has started rolling out iPadOS 16.1 beta

Apple may use hybrid OLED technology for future iPads

The tech giant is hesitant to rely solely on the flexible OLED technology it employs in its iPhone models since the panels tend to "crumple", and the effect is more evident as displays get bigger

Published on 1st September 2022
Bloom Bengaluru Handloom Fest 2022

NIFT Bengaluru presents Bloom Bengaluru Handloom Fest

Celebrating National Handloom Day, the exclusive craft exhibition and sale has started from August 3

Published on 6th August 2022
QR code labelling on electronics items to start soon, says top industry body

QR code labelling on electronic items to start soon, says top industry body

The Department of Consumer Affairs announced the first step to simplify labelling using digital QR code under a law that is over 30 years old

Published on 23rd July 2022

Bengaluru's Cloudphysician Healthcare: Leveraging tech in healthcare

Cloudphysician Healthcare has assimilated medical experts with high-end tech to replicate the ‘ICU in a box model’

Published on 17th July 2022
Digital Amnesia is an alarming problem in the modern society

Digital amnesia: Technological boom, a mere doom for your memory 

Digital amnesia is creating barriers in the way people think, recall and remember

Published on 17th July 2022
Gadgets of the week

Gadgets of the week: Uber cool shades, smart shoes, and more!

This week, we have Oakley’s Re:SubZero shades equipped with Prizm Lens tech, UA’s HOVR range of smart running shoes and more on our list of the latest gadgets in town

Published on 10th June 2022
An eco friendly pitch

Climate change: Three startups from Delhi-NCR are providing innovative solutions by leveraging technology

In an attempt to reduce the impact of climate change, three startups from Delhi-NCR are providing innovative solutions by leveraging technology

Published on 26th May 2022
Food technologist Sivaranjani

Soru Paathi Story Paathi series by Neelam Social’s YouTube channel trace unspoken politics behind food

Sivaranjani and Palayam discuss the everyday lives of fishing folk, climate change and its impact on fishing, and challenges during the breeding season in their video series

Published on 20th April 2022

Designer Vaishali S is all set to showcase her collection Srauta at Milan Fashion Week

Blockchain technology, a new pashmina-silk blend and experimental silhouettes are the highlights of the collection

Published on 25th February 2022
BMW iX Flow

BMW’s iX Flow impresses car lovers with its colour-changing exterior and E Ink technology

BMW earlier showcased the iX Flow that features an innovative E Ink technology at the recently held CES 2022 show

Published on 22nd January 2022
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The bane of modern technology

Smartphones and social media sites prevent them from experiencing solitude and as a result, they feel lonely and lost without their smartphones

Published on 9th January 2022
Tanya Elizabeth Ken

ARISE! How US-based, Chennai born Tanya Elizabeth Ken's is helping underprivileged kids

Through LakshyaShala, Ken, 18-year-old student at Iowa State University, is deploying technology and hand-holding underprivileged children to step out of poverty

Published on 2nd January 2022
The app also lets users shop, travel, recce, research, visit real estate and virtually teleport themselves to any place

Get teleported to dream destinations with Proxgy, a VR-powered travel app!

Proxgy, a new travel app, says you should be fastening the straps of a smart helmet that has a 360-degree rotatable camera mounted on top to travel virtually

Published on 19th December 2021

Panasonic has a new mirrorless camera that incorporates advanced deep learning technology

The camera is available across Panasonic India brand shops

Published on 20th October 2021

Technology for a smart childhood

A plethora of recently launched toys, tools and technologies are focussing on the development of children from early childhood.

Published on 26th September 2021

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