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A scene from Urubhangam

From the battlefield: Duryodhana is the man of the hour in Theatre Nisha’s Urubhangam

Shakthi Ramani places the spotlight on Duryodhana in her directorial debut for Theatre Nisha

Published on 14th June 2019
A still from the play Aurangzeb

Theatre Nisha to present Indira Parthasarathy’s play Aurangzeb in Chennai

Power struggles and personal differences fuel the plot of the play, Aurangzeb

Published on 10th May 2019
The Darkroom 2.0

Experience the power of immersive theatre with The Darkroom 2.0 in Kolkata 

Experience two engaging and immersive stage productions with The Darkroom 2.0 and The Proposal by Anton Checkhov

Published on 3rd April 2019

Theatre Nisha presents Kumarasambhavam at Spaces

This version is inspired by the works of MR Kale, CR Devadhar and Hank Heitfetz, performed by Roshini Sridhar, and directed by V Balakrishnan.

Published on 20th January 2019
Varun Aiyer in Twilight Quagmires

The inside story: Varun Aiyer explores concepts of sexuality in Theatre Nisha’s Twilight Quagmires

Actor-director Varun Aiyer explores concepts of gender in his latest production for Theatre Nisha

Published on 12th January 2019
Shakthi Ramani in Solladi Sivashakthi

Andal Priyadarshini inspires V Balakrishnan to produce Theatre Nisha’s Solladi Sivashakthi

Theatre Nisha presents four short stories written by Andal Priyadarshini

Published on 28th December 2018
Beyond good & evil: Theatre Nisha’s Dashaanan reimagines the Ramayana in Ravan’s perspective

Beyond good & evil: Theatre Nisha’s Dashaanan reimagines the Ramayana in Ravan’s perspective

The one-actor play lasting over 75-minutes revolves around the story of Ravana, as told by Ravana himself and features acclaimed actor TM Karthik playing the protagonist.

Published on 28th September 2018
Performers at the event

Save the dates for Chennai Art Theatre's Fringe Festival

The first edition of the Fringe Festival promises a varied line-up of artistes

Published on 13th September 2018

The Curse of Urvashi, a new play, presents the idea of right versus wrong

This play explores the concept of right versus wrong through the perspective of Mahabharata’s Arjuna 

Published on 18th May 2018

Acting workshop at Alliance Française Madras

Theatre Nisha will conduct a workshop for amateurs and enthusiasts with V Balakrishnan delving deeper 
into the basics of acting, stressing on nuances

Published on 21st April 2018
Janani Narasimhan in Amrapali

Janani Narasimhan is Amrapali in Theatre Nisha's next production

Theatre Nisha puts the spolight on a royal courtesan from 500 BC

Published on 20th April 2018
A scene from The Curse of Urvashi

Spell bound by The Curse of Urvashi

Arjuna faces one of his biggest challenges in Theatre Nisha’s next

Published on 23rd March 2018
The cast of Square Root of Minus One

Back to school: Square Root of Minus One comes to Chennai

DJ’s Ensomneacks latest production takes you back to school days

Published on 16th March 2018

Theatre Nisha's Water Princess offers a message about water conservation

Theatre Nisha’s latest production offers a message about water conservation

Published on 24th November 2017
Anuradha Venkataraman in Peacock Prince

Witness ten hours of intense drama at Chennai’s first Theatre Binge

The top playwrights of the city are coming together to present a full-length play each

Published on 3rd November 2017

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