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Smart Shirts Formal Dresses

Seven must-have dresses if you're working from home...

Relaxed dresses been elevated to wardrobe staples this past year. From Sea to The Row, here are some must-haves...

Published on 25th June 2021
Singer Palak Mucchal's

'We have smoothly adapted to working from home and I quite like it,' says singer Palak Muchhal

Palak Mucchal's latest song Kya Kiya Hai Tune, which is part of the soundtrack of Broken But Beautiful 3 has garnered nearly two million views on YouTube

Published on 25th June 2021

Indulge Time Pass: Fashion designer Suneet Varma says keep it comfortable and stylish while working from home

Couturier Suneet Varma suggests comfortable fashion while working from home but all-day pyjama routine is a strict no

Published on 23rd April 2020

Working from home? Five steps to your dream home office during the lockdown

Use existing essentials in your home with a touch of creativity

Published on 17th April 2020

Quirky and classy essentials to spruce up your home office, from Fendi, L’Objet and others

Make your home office a fun, creative and vibrant space with our pick of desk accessories and other essentials

Published on 30th March 2020

Bain & Company's tips on working from home during the lockdown

Taking break, in fact, is quite important to make your work from home effective, according to Bain & Company

Published on 30th March 2020

Working from home? Here are five super cute desk accessories to brighten up your home office

Spruce up your home office with desk accessories from The Paper Co, Jonathan Adler and others

Published on 21st March 2020

COVID-19 outbreak: In the time of self-quarantine, 5 CEOs share their mantra of working from home productively 

Work from home not only saves the people spend on commuting between their workplace and home but can also improve productivity if done correctly

Published on 19th March 2020

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