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Lightness of being with artist KS Radhakrishnan

His first-ever retrospective in Delhi focuses on his constantly evolving practice using bronze

Published on 3rd December 2023
Photo by Soniya Dembla

Photographers share how they grasp couples' nuances, and offer booking insights for weddings

This wedding season, artists will be giving you some leads to remember before you ask them to document your big day

Published on 1st December 2023
Artworks from the exhibition

Theory of Relativity: Abstract artist RB Murari unveils his latest exhibition 'Emotive Resonance' in Bengaluru

What influenced the creation of the paintings in the exhibition is a mix of Murari’s public and private emotions gained from his personal experiences

Published on 1st December 2023
Mamata Banerjee’s penchant for painting has often managed to court controversy

Represented by art

Politicians may never fit into the identity of an artist because their primary identity that the world recognises them, will always be that of a leader.

Published on 30th November 2023
Nikitaa Mehta

Indie artiste Nikitaa Mehta opens up about her rapport with truth in latest song, Truman Show

Nikitaa Mehta’s song Truman Show is much like the film — about a person who doesn’t know that his life is fake, mirroring a time when she felt the same

Published on 1st December 2023
In frame: One of the art works by Ruchika Nambiar

Bengaluru's miniature artist creates wearable food art with polymer clay

From miniature gardenscapes as home decor to immortalising your memories as tiny fridge magnets, Indulge speaks to miniature artists in the city diversifying their art with its growing popularity

Published on 30th November 2023
Vivan Sundaram’s obituary in the New York Times honoured him as “a political and pivotal, figure in Indian art”. 

A tribute to multiplicity: Remembering one of India's leading artists Vivan Sundaram

A retrospective during the first-ever Art Mumbai focussed on Vivan Sundaram’s varied work and the socio-political issues he addressed

Published on 26th November 2023
Zeng Fanzhi, a retired architect turned artist, paints at his studio in Shenzhen in southern China's Guangdong province

Artist Zeng Fanzhi depicts 'zero-COVID' after a lifetime of service to the Chinese state

Zeng has spent much of his life in service to the Chinese state, designing monuments in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square and coal plants for the Ministry of Coal

Published on 27th November 2023
In frame: Kaber Vasuki

 What ‘lies’ ahead: Tamil Indie star Kaber Vasuki’s latest single explores the darker human nature

We learn from singer-songwriter Kaber Vasuki that his latest, “Poi”, explores the unaddressed, and its music video boasts a gripping plot with intricate meaning

Published on 26th November 2023
The Van Gogh Immersive Experience’ all set to premiere in Chennai

The Van Gogh Immersive Experience is all set to premiere in Chennai

he Real Van Gogh Immersive Experience is the result of dedicated efforts towards extending the possibilities for artistic immersion

Published on 25th November 2023
Spotify to end service in Uruguay due to bill requiring fair pay for artists

Spotify to end service in Uruguay due to bill requiring fair pay for artists

Following the passage of a new music copyright law guaranteeing "fair and equitable remuneration" for composers, Spotify announced that it will phase down its service in Uruguay

Published on 25th November 2023
Artwork by Swathi Bheemani

Art exhibition: Keep it Real explores the relationship between reality and artistic languages

Visionary artists, with their distinct areas of expertise, unite under the common banner of exploring reality in its multifaceted splendour

Published on 17th November 2023
Movie star Padmini dancing before a statue of Buddha — M Ramalingam (1960)

‘Kovilpatti: The Town That Papered India’ celebrates the unsung heroes behind printed imagery

An exhibition that pays tribute to the artists behind famous printed pictures 

Published on 17th November 2023
Divani's The Zardoz Project

'People are going back to their roots': Divani’s Sanya Dhir on gaining acceptance for Zardozi over a decade of artistry

Her label Divani marks 10 years in spurring a craft renaissance through their The Zardozi Project. We speak to Sanya about inspiration, challenges and the road ahead in craft’s resurgence

Published on 15th November 2023
Trupti Joshi's artwork

Artist Trupti Joshi’s Second Self personifies artefacts through an interplay of light and shadow

Trupti’s artwork unveils a captivating series of paintings that eloquently depict a bygone era through old, antique (vintage) utensils prevalent in households.

Published on 10th November 2023

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