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Garden City, a fitness-forward city in India, offers unique workouts to combat constant fatigue. Despite long working hours and weekends, Bengaluru offers upbeat workouts routines

ThrivingAt13: Unique workouts across Bengaluru that can redefine how you approach your health goals

We list 13 workout routines that are all the rage in the city and are curated to meet your fitness goals in 2024

Published on 30th December 2023
Nrityakosh presents Arabian Nights!

Nrityakosh presents Arabian Nights: A retelling of the legendary 1001 Nights through dance

The 100-minute oriental performance features over 80 dancers

Published on 12th October 2023
Pran Saikia

Pran Saikia, popular male exotic belly dancer releases ‘Miss Bollywood,’ goes viral again!

India’s most famous male exotic belly dancer, Pran Saikia, is in the news for his single Miss Bollywood that has gone viral. We give you a low down on everything you need to know…

Published on 19th May 2023
Debapriya Das

Debapriya Das talks about her shift from bharatanatyam to belly dancing

At her institute Nrityakosh in Bengaluru, the students are taught oriental dance, its traditional and classical forms and also its fusion formats.

Published on 30th December 2022
Economist-turned-belly dancer presents her latest production 'Papusza' in Bengaluru, based on life o

Economist-turned-belly dancer presents her latest production 'Papusza' in Bengaluru

Dancer Debapriya Das talks to Indulge about what made her choose the life of a dancer, her inspiration behind Papusza, and much more

Published on 3rd December 2022
Nora Fatehi (Photo: IANS)

Nora Fatehi teases fans, sets screens on fire with sizzling recreation of O Saki Saki

After impressing audiences with her dance moves in the recreation of the song Dilbar, actress Nora Fatehi will be back to set screens on fire with the new version of O Saki Saki.

Published on 14th July 2019

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