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Mohammed Hussain's Controversial Statement, a controversial Instagram reel, suggests Shaadi Shud may not exclusively feature popular pop-culture stories and characters

To marry or not to marry? Mohammed Hussain's latest show answers it

Mumbai-based stand-up comedian, Mohammed Hussain’s Shaadi Shud i? underscores the beauty of falling in love and how it makes you a better person

Published on 24th November 2023
Stand-up comedians Annamalai Lakshmanan and Praveen Kumar

16th Anniversary Special: Will the real comedians please stand up?

Stand-up comedians in Chennai, who are popularising Tamil or Tanglish comedy, tell us what contributes to make for a good laugh riot

Published on 3rd November 2023
Vir Das | Pic: IANS Photo

I scare myself in order to do better as comedian: Vir Das

The comic artiste feels that the greatest achievement for any artiste is when their audience walks back home with a small part of the performer in their minds, a moment where humanity shines through

Published on 30th October 2023
Punit Pania's standup comedy, Guilty Bystander, is set to debut in Hyderabad, showcasing his unique blend of English and political engagement, aiming to provide laughs from truths

Punit Pania: The voice of parody

Punit Pania’s comedy show, Guilty Bystander offers something that feels both uplifting and raw

Published on 27th October 2023
Vignesh Vijayan

Vignesh Vijayan’s ‘Mike and Muscle’ is about his journey as a freelancer

Vignesh Vijayan’s show talks about an ordinary guy who had a transition from a one BHK flat to three BHK

Published on 20th October 2023
Karthik Kuma

Man of the hour: Karthik Kumar's latest special addresses mansplaining

Comedian Karthik Kumar gets candid about his special 'Aansplaining'

Published on 15th September 2023
Ravi Gupta, a Gurgaon-based stand-up comedian, delivers relatable and humorous Hindi-language comedy on stage. His unique one-liners, blending desi tadka and dialect

Standup comedian Ravi Gupta’s ‘Kal Ki Chinta Nahi Karta’ is about taking a chill pill

Ravi Gupta is here to make you laugh with his distinct humour, which will leave you in splits

Published on 29th September 2023
In frame: Urooj Ashfaq

EXCL: Comedian Urooj Ashfaq on winning the Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards

She talks about her award-winning show Oh No!, how comedy came naturally for her, the people she looked up to in the industry and much more...

Published on 29th September 2023
Devesh Dixit

We catch up with standup comedian Devesh Dixit, who tells us why comedy matters 

With his show, Gem of a Person just around the corner, Devesh Dixit opens up about his childhood and lots more...

Published on 23rd June 2023
In frame: Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah’s Bengaluru shows cancelled

The comedian was due to perform two shows in the city, one on 27th and the other one on 28th

Published on 27th September 2023
Russell Brand

Russell Brand issues first public statement since sentencing

The actor said that it has been an incredibly distressing week

Published on 23rd September 2023
L-R:  Anusha, Sruthi, Saisudha, and Gomathi

A date night with the ladies of comedy

Need some tips on dating? Or, still wondering if you should swipe left or right? Learn from four amazing ladies who take the stage to share their dating stories

Published on 15th September 2023
Jagan Krishnan

Jagan Krishnan’s ‘Jagane Thandhiram’ brings love stories from the ’90s 

Stand-up comedian Jagan Krishnan will leave you in splits as he travels back in time to tell you how his generation perceived love 

Published on 15th September 2023
Chirag Panjwani

‘If I fail, I have Plan B,’ says stand-up comedian Chirag Panjwani

Stand-up comedian Chirag Panjwani took the plunge to full-time comedy only a year-and-a-half ago. But if things don’t go well, he will take up a job, save up, and get back to comedy  

Published on 1st September 2023
Annamalai Lakshmanan

Touching new heights in Tanglish comedy

Meet Annamalai Lakshmanan, the founder of Tanglish Comedy, who is gearing up for his upcoming show this weekend

Published on 25th August 2023

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