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Ueli Maurer (Xinhua/Xu Jinquan/IANS)

'Facebook's Libra stablecoin cryptocurrency project has failed in its current form'

Libra, a cryptocurrency project championed by Facebook, has failed in its current form, according to the President of Switzerland.

Published on 28th December 2019
NFT art by Cyber Shakti

A new era of art: Tezos India’s new art and culture verticle is demystifying NFTs

Tezos India Art and Culture( TIAC) is empowering artists with the usage of blockchain technology.

Published on 3rd September 2022
Squid Game

A cryptocurrency based on Squid Game saw a 62,600 per cent increase last week 

'Squid Game's' popularity spread like wildfire since it aired on Netflix last month

Published on 30th October 2021

After bitcoin crash, Indian crypto leaders advise people to think of long-term investments

The price of bitcoin tumbled below $40,000 for the first time in months and other cryptocurrencies were also pressured on Wednesday

Published on 21st May 2021
Game app for kids

An app posing as a children's game turns out to be a cryptocurrency-funded casino in Turkey

The game was called Jungle Run and has now apparently pulled by Apple

Published on 17th April 2021
The largest cryptocurrency network's electricity consumption has nearly halved amid the crypto winter

As the crypto crisis widens, electricity used to mine Bitcoin decreases sharply  

The amount of electricity consumed by the Bitcoin network has decreased drastically amid the "crypto winter" and has fallen to 131 terawatt-hours a year

Published on 25th June 2022
Bitcoin and Ethereum witnessed considerable rebounds after their record lows in crypto winter

Bitcoin goes beyond $20K per digital coin, Ethereum crosses $1,100 per coin  

Bitcoin finally surged past $20,000 per digital coin on Monday, while Ethereum reached $1,133 per digital coin

Published on 20th June 2022
China warns, bitcoin falls: The price of bitcoin tumbled below 40,000 dollars on Wednesday

China warns, bitcoin falls: The price of bitcoin tumbled below 40,000 dollars on Wednesday

The People's Bank of China also reportedly said virtual currencies can't be used as a form of payment because they aren't real currencies

Published on 20th May 2021
CoinSwitch and Startup Karnataka launch 'Building Future Cities', a Blockchain hackathon

CoinSwitch and Startup Karnataka launch 'Building Future Cities,' a Blockchain hackathon

The 'Building Future Cities' hackathon is aimed at recognising and stimulating blockchain-based solutions to everyday problems faced by billions of people in the country

Published on 16th July 2022

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin is at its highest ever value in its 12 year history 

The price of the leading cryptocurrency crossed the $30,000 mark for the first time

Published on 4th January 2021
Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Image

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin surges again; jumps above $50,000 for first time ever

This year, Bitcoin rose around 72 per cent after tech billionaire Elon Musk's electric vehicle company Tesla invested $1.5 billion in it

Published on 16th February 2021

Cryptocurrency Dogecoin crashed when its supporter, tech mogul Elon Musk hosted SNL   

After vouching for Bitcoin, Tesla CEO Elon Musk now supports Dogecoin cryptocurrency, even calling himself "Dogefather"

Published on 10th May 2021
Elon Musk

Elon Musk announces on Twitter that Tesla can be now purchased with Bitcoin

The CEO of Tesla made an announcement that users can buy Tesla using Bitcoin

Published on 24th March 2021
Elon Musk's Tesla invests $1.5B in Bitcoin, cryptocurrency surges to $44K

Elon Musk's Tesla invests $1.5B in Bitcoin, cryptocurrency surges to $44K

The announcement comes amid renewed interest shown by Musk in cryptocurrency 

Published on 9th February 2021
Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Image

Experts say that India needs its own cryptocurrency unicorns, but government is still wary 

The government earlier indicated that it would take a ‘calibrated approach' towards digital assets and formulating a Bill on cryptocurrencies

Published on 15th May 2021

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