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Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg pens a self-help book

Sheryl Sandberg has announced the release of her latest book, which focusses on finding meaning and happiness after an adversity

Published on 22nd March 2017

Olle Huduga Pratham attempted suicide on Facebook live video

"Pratham will do anything for publicity, but I don't know if this act was also for publicity. If he is done this to gain attention, its wrong."

Published on 6th April 2017

Facebook will soon let you type with your brain

Facebook announced two projects from "Building 8" that are focused on silent speech communications. 

Published on 20th April 2017

US teenagers love Instagram, Snapchat more than Facebook

Research results shows that American teenagers visit Instagran and Snapchat more than Facebook

Published on 22nd April 2017

Facebook involved in 32% of cyber-bullying cases in UK

Evidence of sexual abuse, disclosure of revenge porn aimed at blackmailing or defrauding and vicious online bullying campaigns

Published on 8th May 2017
Kabir Khan

Kabir Khan's Tubelight to have Facebook cover video

The cover video features Salman Khan doing the signature hook step from the film's song Radio

Published on 18th May 2017
Facebook shuts AI system

Facebook shuts AI system after bots create own language

Days after Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that artificial intelligence (AI) was the biggest risk, Facebook has shut down one of its AI systems after chatbots started speaking in their own language.

Published on 31st July 2017

Facebook closes street artist's page for 'hate speech'

Facebook has "unpublished" a page run by a street artist who attacked the social network's founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg with posters disparaging his alleged presidential aspirations, media reported

Published on 15th August 2017

Facebook launches new crisis response centre

To help its users during disasters, Facebook has created a new centre for crisis response where people can find information about recent crises and access the social network's crisis response tools.

Published on 15th September 2017

Dove apologises for racially insensitive ad on Facebook

The advertisement showed a black woman wearing a brown shirt removing her top to reveal a white woman in a lighter top.

Published on 9th October 2017
Lil B

Facebook bans rapper Lil B for 'hate speech'

Facebook has banned rapper Lil B on charges of spreading "hate speech" on its platform.

Published on 11th October 2017

Send your nude images to Facebook to stop revenge porn

Facebook is testing a new method to stop revenge porn that requires you to send your own nudes to yourself via the social network's Messenger app.

Published on 8th November 2017

Facebook's Local app to bring together events and restaurants

Local will combine calendar and event listings and this aspect could turn the social media platform closer to apps like Foursquare and Yelp

Published on 11th November 2017

Money-minded people spend more time on Facebook

Materialistic people are likely to have significantly more friends than people who are less interested in possessions and they are also likely to use social media more frequently and intensely

Published on 21st November 2017

Superstar Rajinikanth makes Facebook, Instagram debut

In his first post on Instagram, he wrote in Tamil “Greetings. Tell them I’ve come,” a famous quote of his, along with a still from Kabali.

Published on 7th March 2018

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