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Kolkata-style Biriyani from the menu of 4 Pillars of Kolkata at Café G

Five food festivals in Bengaluru you must visit in November

As winter approaches Bengaluru, the city is once again brimming with food festivals

Published on 19th November 2022
Things to do in Chennai

Food festivals, cookie workshops for Halloween and more: Take a look at what's going on in Chennai this weekend

From weekly movie releases to stand-up comedy shows and food festivals, here is a list of all that's happening over the upcoming week in Chennai

Published on 31st October 2022
Chef Thimma Reddy and chef Kailash Gundupalli

Hyderabad-based chefs discuss what goes into the making of a food festival

Here's what they have to say...

Published on 21st October 2022

Here are six amazing culinary adventures for you to explore in Bengaluru this weekend

From food festivals to new menu launches, here are the six best food places in Bengaluru you can head to this weekend

Published on 28th August 2022
Food festival

Food festivals are a rage in Hyderabad and here's what the chefs have to say

Decoding the latest trend of restaurants welcoming and collaborating with chefs from outside the state and even the country, to introduce different palates to foodies, all for a limited period 

Published on 30th July 2022

From Turkish, Malay, Japanese and Punjabi to Purani Dilli dishes, these food festivals in Bengaluru are offering eclectic flavours

Head to these star hotels and restaurants to sample some traditional fare

Published on 12th October 2019
Old Delhi food festival at Ibis Chennai

Old Delhi food festival at Ibis Chennai

Start with a Delhi Nihari Khaas, Sarai Gosht Biryani, Mutton Do Pyaza, Shahjahani kebabs as well as vegetarian dishes like Nimona Paneer, Heeng Dhaniya Aloo and Matter Khajjuri

Published on 5th July 2019
Seafood festival at Novotel Chennai Chamiers Road

Seafood festival at Novotel Chennai Chamiers Road

Diners can feast on a steaming bowl of Tom Yum or the classic Western Peri Peri and cajun with shrimp, tuna, snapper, and pomfret.

Published on 5th July 2019

Italian feast at Sandy's

From a cheesy Panzerotti to a coffee-flavoured tiramisu, the dinner promises a lot more on the plate, so diners can expect to make an enticing meal.

Published on 7th September 2018

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