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Acer Nitro 5

Acer Nitro 5: The latest gaming laptop by Acer

Available in 15.6 inch and 17.3” FHD IPS displays

Published on 30th June 2020

ACNE Studios: Transparent sneakers anyone?  

This unique pair of footwear also doubles up as running shoes

Published on 17th July 2020
iPad Air 2020

All about the new iPad Air, available on the Apple online store

The all-screen design bridges several gaps with iPad Pros, while compatibility with Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard adds to the fun

Published on 26th September 2020

Amazfit T Rex: The all-season smartwatch fit for any kind of environment

It has an impressive battery life of 20 days

Published on 30th June 2020
Amazon Halo

Amazon Halo features a unique band with multiple sensors

Expect a comprehensive picture of your activity, sleep, body fat measurements, stress level analysis and a choice of colours

Published on 4th September 2020
Razer Kishi for iPhone

Amp your iPhone game with the iOS game controller called Razer Kishi

It supports ultra-low latency gameplay and has clickable analog thumbsticks for great tactile feedback

Published on 26th September 2020
Aston Martin Simulator

Aston Martin just launched the ultimate gaming experience with its Simulator

Sporting a carbon fibre monocoque body it delivers a fully immersive driving experience

Published on 26th September 2020
Bang & Olufsen H95
BeyerDynamic Phonum

BeyerDynamic Phonum: The ultra-compatible speakerphone essential for your video meetings 

It connects to smartphones and laptops easily and provides bi-directional speech in pristine quality

Published on 30th June 2020
Beyerdynamic MMX 300

Beyerdynamic presents MMX 300 featuring aviation-inspired mics 

Expect detachable sturdy PU connection cables, and advanced remote control, new matt black housing and more

Published on 15th August 2020
Beyerdynamic T5

Beyerdynamic T5, the 3rd-gen Tesla Hi-Fi headphone that's the next best thing to a concert

With clear and distinct perception of voices and instruments, wearing these will make you feel in the midst of a live performance

Published on 19th September 2020
Bird Air

Bird Air: The puncture-proof foldable bike that we all need

It offers top speeds of 25 kph and a 25 km range on a single charge

Published on 26th September 2020
Bluetti AC 200 Solar

Bluetti AC 200 Solar: The portable solar power station that doubles up as a backup generator

It can power up to 17 devices simultaneously

Published on 24th July 2020
Bosch Design Vision

Bosch Design Vision: Bosch marks 10th anniversary with a new e-bike  

It features the patented Bosch Drive system

Published on 17th July 2020

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