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PokerStars India scouts for team Bengaluru Hackers in Global Poker League India’s Online Qualifiers

The qualifiers for Kolkata Creators, Pune Alphas, Chennai Sharks, Delhi Diehards and Mumbai Jetsetters ended in the last five weeks and this is the culminating week of the online qualifiers for GPL.

Published on 31st July 2018

'It’s horrible, don’t understand why someone would do something like this': Nicole Scherzinger on hackers releasing intimate video

Nicole revealed that at first they were traumatised and felt violated, however, she said the attack was petty and the pair were planning to get to the bottom of it.

Published on 6th March 2019

Ukrainian hackers used quizzes to leak over 60K Facebook users' data

Two Ukrainian men used online quizzes to lure more than 60,000 Facebook users into installing malicious browser extensions that leaked their profile data and friends lists to offshore servers.

Published on 11th March 2019

Hackers beware! Israel has launched a social network site specifically for cybersecurity professionals

The new network, named Cybernet, is the "first of its kind in the world"

Published on 18th January 2020

Security company Trend Micro uses factory honeypot to trap hackers

The investigation revealed that unsecured industrial environments are primarily victims of common cyber threats

Published on 24th January 2020

Cybersecurity firms report that hackers target Indian enterprises over 1,500 times a week

The most common vulnerability exploit type in India is information disclosure

Published on 27th January 2020

Saudi hackers deface social media accounts of the National Football League (NFL) and 15 of its teams

The hacks occurred during the busy Super Bowl week

Published on 28th January 2020

Thousands of Instagram users' personal details exposed and sold to hackers

Social Captain stored passwords of linked Instagram accounts in unencrypted plaintext

Published on 31st January 2020

Widespread network of Iranian hackers exploit VPN backdoors to infiltrate several global firms

The Fox Kitten Campaign is here

Published on 17th February 2020

Hackers expose personal data of over 10 mn guests at MGM hotels, resorts

Details of high profile guests and celebrities like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and pop star Justin Bieber were leaked online

Published on 20th February 2020

New tool developed to trap hackers

The method, called DEEP-Dig (DEcEPtion DIGging), ushers intruders into a decoy site so the computer can learn from hackers' tactics

Published on 28th February 2020

Siri and Google can be activated by hackers with the help of Ultrasonic waves

To test the ability of ultrasonic waves to transmit these "commands" through solid surfaces, the research team set up a host of experiments that included a phone on a table

Published on 29th February 2020

Hackers are exploiting a bug in Microsoft email servers

The vulnerability was discovered by an anonymous security researcher and reported to Microsoft by way of Trend Micro's Zero Day Initiative

Published on 10th March 2020

Hackers offer their services at special discounted rates on the dark net, during the Coronavirus spread

Some of the "goods" available to purchase at special rates include "WinDefender bypass" and "Build to bypass email and chrome security."

Published on 19th March 2020

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