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 Kickstart your skincare routine with these face washes infused with the goodness of neem, watermelon and green tea

Take a look at these five new products that will get your face bright and glowing.

Published on 15th July 2023
As the temperatures drop and the air becomes crisp, maintaining a luminous complexion becomes essential.  Mini Sood Banerjee, assistant director and head of marketing and training, at Amorepacific Gro

 Your ultimate guide to radiant skin in cold months

Begin your skincare journey by embracing hydrating powerhouses like hyaluronic acid and rich moisturisers to combat the harsh effects of winter dryness

Published on 24th November 2023

10 K-beauty ingredients that promise smooth and supple skin  

From Licorice Root Extracts to Rice Water, check out this extensive list 

Published on 10th June 2023
Take care of your skin this winter

5 must-have winter skincare essentials

To help you choose and decide, we list out five winter skincare essentials you won’t regret buying

Published on 25th November 2023
In winter, intense hydration is crucial for maintaining dry skin, as the weather tends to be drier, making it essential to combat dryness and promote a dewy, hydrated complexion.

6 expert-approved skincare habits to swear by in 2024

From hydrating to moisturising, here's what you need to do for a glowing skin this year

Published on 2nd January 2024
Ideal for both travel and trial, consumers now have the opportunity to try or test out 82°E’s most loved Cleanse - Hydrate- Protect routines and other essential, pamper products in compacts sizes

82°E's anniversary surprise: Launches its iconic skincare products in Minis

This range features 10 of 82°E’s most-loved skincare products

Published on 27th November 2023
Even though body acne is a common skincare concern, it can be harder to treat if you are in the dark about what you should do

A beginner's guide to tackling body acne

Even though body acne is a common skincare concern, it can be harder to treat if you are in the dark about what you should do

Published on 27th August 2022

A list of good shampoos from brands like Redken to invest in this fall

Investing in a good shampoo during autumn and winter is a wise choice for maintaining healthy, beautiful hair throughout the colder months.

Published on 13th October 2023

Actress Naina Ganguly tells us about her skincare routine and beauty secrets 

We reached out to her for her skincare routine and here’s what she had to say.

Published on 17th August 2020
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Ahead of Mother’s Day, here’s what you can pamper the mommies around you with

This Mother’s Day, let’s make every mother feel even more precious with these special skincare, beauty and wellness products.

Published on 10th May 2023
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All about Profhilo: An injectable treatment that promises to go beyond exterior skincare

Experts reveal hyaluronic acid works like pixie dust to fix all ageing issues

Published on 26th April 2023

As the days get hotter, we have curated a list of  five sunscreens for the summer to help shield your skin from those harmful UV rays

If you are on a hunt to try out some new brands this summer, then take a moment to explore these five popular sunscreen brands like Skeyndor, Sugar, Lotus, Kaya and Fixderma.

Published on 26th May 2023
Deepika Padukone for 82e

Ashwagandha, an ingredient to boost and preserve collagen in your skin: Experts

Rich in antioxidants, the ingredient helps improve skin texture and restore elasticity

Published on 23rd February 2023
Skin Care Hacks Tips From Athiya Shetty

Athiya Shetty's budget-friendly skincare hack may already be on your dressers

Athiya could turn out be the skin-care guru we all need this year

Published on 24th March 2021
In Frame: Deepika Padukone

Bakuchiol, a natural alternative for retinol to take over skincare trends in 2023: Expert  

When it comes to skincare trends, retinol has managed to top the charts for the last couple of years. Now, skin enthusiasts are out looking for natural, cruelty-free alternatives

Published on 13th February 2023

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