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Kiran and Sachin in Rajasthan

Valentine's Day travel special: Instagram-famous couples share their one-way ticket to love

From hot air balloons in Cappadocia to snow-covered panoramas of Lapland, the house of Santa Claus --- these folks take us with them to the romantic places on Earth and give us major couple goals  

Published on 8th February 2019

Rapper Jon James McMurray dies after falling off plane during wing-walking stunt

McMurray’s manager, Ryan Desrochers, said the rapper had trained “intensively” for the stunt.

Published on 24th October 2018
Tom Cruise in a chase sequence from Fallout

Ethan Hunt is back! Tom Cruise on Mission: Impossible - Fallout, and the making of a blockbuster

With more stunt sequences than the previous outings and a plot that rounds it all off for the franchise, Fallout looks set to be Tom Cruise’s biggest movie yet 

Published on 27th July 2018
ramzan eid mubarak special biriyani

Our epic biryani bucket list, taste approved this Eid

Put down your spoons. Raise a mutton leg. And let’s get eating - Indulge takes you through some of the best spots to get your biryani fix through South India 

Published on 15th June 2018

Travel special: Las Vegas, where the party don't stop...

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! Well, not this time. We’re here to kiss and tell…Well, stay with us, because we’re going to be talking about the party destination of the world.

Published on 30th March 2018
Shital Mahajan

WATCH: Indian woman skydives at 13,000 feet in a saree 

With her own skydiving academy called Phoenix Skydiving, the 35-year- old jumped from the plane in a saree, because why not! 

Published on 13th February 2018
2.0 Promo Team Skydiving in Dubai

Robot 2.0 team takes to the skies for audio launch

The Robot 2.0 promotional team has taken to the skies to promote the film's audio launch.

Published on 27th October 2017

Top nine destinations in India that serve jumping sports

From Bungee jumping in Rishikesh to cliff diving in Pondicherry, here are some top destinations in India that serve jumping sports

Published on 24th July 2017

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