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Zoom introduces 'Focus Mode' to make virtual classes distraction free

Zoom introduces 'Focus Mode' to make virtual classes distraction free

The company said that Focus Mode allows educators to see their students' videos and students to see their teachers without seeing other class participants

Published on 12th August 2021

Zomato launches video-streaming service with original content

The Zomato Original shows are said to be around food across categories including comedy, reality, fiction, advice, celebrity interviews.

Published on 14th September 2019

Zingbi, newly opened multi-designer concept store, helps you video chat with your designer

This 7,700 sq ft newly opened store has everything from apparel to accessories curated from 30 designers under one roof

Published on 26th January 2018

ZEE5 rolls out HiPi, a video-making app like TikTok

Unlike the 15-second video format that was made popular by TikTok, HiPi will allow users to create videos up to 90 seconds

Published on 14th August 2020

YouTuber Harsh Beniwal’s new video is about a bittersweet sibling rivalry during lockdown 

The bitter-sweet fight between two siblings in YouTuber Harsh Beniwal’s new video will make you laugh and bond better with your partner in crime

Published on 18th April 2020
YouTube Premiere introduces new tools for a more interactive experience

YouTube's latest update gives more video resolution control to app users

Users are also able to choose just which option they want the video streaming app to default to when playing mobile and Wi-Fi networks

Published on 24th April 2021

YouTube working on Shorts, a video sharing app like TikTok

Shorts will allow people to upload brief videos into a feed inside the mobile app, much like TikTok

Published on 2nd April 2020

YouTube will now remind you to stop watching videos and go to bed, with its new 'bedtime reminders' feature

You set start and end times in your Settings, including whether or not you want the prompt to interrupt a video or wait until the video is over

Published on 21st May 2020

Youtube video helps Manipuri man reunite with family after 40 years

The Youtube video was uploaded by fashion designer Firoz Shakir after he saw him singing an old Hindi song near Khomdram Gambhir Singh near Bandra railway station in Mumbai.

Published on 17th April 2018
YouTube users can now change their channel's name without editing the associated Google account

YouTube users can now change their channel's name without editing the associated Google account

The old method of changing your channel name was long-winded and required you to alter the name and profile image of your associated Google account

Published on 23rd April 2021

YouTube to remove all anti-vaccination videos 

The company said that it is expanding medical misinformation policies on YouTube with new guidelines

Published on 30th September 2021

YouTube tests hiding dislikes to protect creators from targeted attacks to downvote their videos

YouTube said in a tweet late on Wednesday this in response to creator feedback around well-being and targeted dislike campaigns

Published on 31st March 2021
YouTube testing automatic product detection feature

YouTube testing automatic product detection feature

Right under the main YouTube player, people will get a list of any products to feature with related content for each item prominently displayed

Published on 23rd March 2021

YouTube takes on TikTok; launches its new 15-second video feature, Shorts, in India

"Shorts is a new way to express yourself in 15 seconds or less," YouTube said in a statement

Published on 15th September 2020

YouTube removes PewDiePie's video for violating guidelines around child safety.

In the video, the popular YouTuber attacked popular children's channel Cocomelon's content and poked fun at kids who watch the videos, reports media.

Published on 19th February 2021

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