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At a concert years ago, when SPB had praised the composer and talked about their friendship

The show goes on: SPB posts videos from his San Jose concert, two days after his legal dispute with Ilayaraja grabbed headlines

The award-winning singer thanked his fans for the support, urging them to stay calm and not sensationalise the issue

Published on 20th March 2017

Olle Huduga Pratham attempted suicide on Facebook live video

"Pratham will do anything for publicity, but I don't know if this act was also for publicity. If he is done this to gain attention, its wrong."

Published on 6th April 2017

Viral countdown: new videos that are breaking the internet


Here are this week's trending videos

Published on 10th April 2017

Videos that are creating waves this week  

From Star Wars' new trailer to the IPL mannequin challenge, here's what's trending

Published on 21st April 2017

Apple celebrates Earth Day, releases video series

The new video series that the tech titan posted on its page features yaks, breathing buildings and making one-half gallon of artificial sweat every day

Published on 22nd April 2017
Kabir Khan

Kabir Khan's Tubelight to have Facebook cover video

The cover video features Salman Khan doing the signature hook step from the film's song Radio

Published on 18th May 2017

Twitter announces world's first creator-based video relay

Twitter on Wednesday announced the world's first creator-based video relay which will feature more than 24 hours of continuous content from nearly 40 creators across the globe

Published on 9th August 2017

All set for 2017 MTV Video Music Awards: top moments so far

In anticipation of the 2017  MTV Video Music Awards, we’re going to rewind the clock to take a look at some of the greatest VMA moments of all time.

Published on 23rd August 2017

Dhruv Kumar on his new EP and anime-inspired music video 

The Bengaluru-based musician talks about Pieces That Do Not Fit

Published on 25th August 2017

Run Pussy Run’s first single gets a surreal roach-inspired video

Pune and Bombay-based freak funk project Run Pussy Run is out with its debut video and single with a composition called Roaches

Published on 5th September 2017

Let Chennai not sink again, alerts Put Chutney in their latest video

Ramohan Arumugam, writer and actor of Put Chutney, as he personifies the city of Chennai in the video, he talks about how our natural ecosystem is being sold for commercial profits.

Published on 2nd October 2017
Hema Malini

50 celebs in one video: Wishes galore for Hema Malini on 69th birthday

As many as 50 celebrities are a part of a special video to be played at the launch of actress-politician Hema Malini's biography here on her 69th birthday on Monday.

Published on 16th October 2017
The instagram screenshot

#MeToo: Social media perv causes uproar with public groping videos

With over 144 posts and 1641 followers, this creepy Instagrammer, Vinay Nair ventures out into open marketplaces, usually during rush hour looking for women to touch

Published on 17th October 2017

Video games could be used as a stroke rehabilitation tool

A novel video game that will enable patients recovering from stroke to engage and play as a form of rehabilitation has been developed.

Published on 20th November 2017

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