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Tollywood actor Gargee RoyChowdhury is gearing up to play Mahashweta Devi in Arindam Sil's Mahananda

Actress Gargee Roychowdhury believes in staying afloat with relevant roles, big or small

Published on 19th March 2020

Filmmaker Arindam Sil is charting a new course with his next film, Mahananda

Filmmaker Arindam Sil tells us why he wants to capture the life and work of author-activist Mahashweta Devi

Published on 20th March 2020
Byomkesh gotro 2018, cast & crew photo

'Not concerned of what others are making': Arindam Sil ahead of his Puja release, Byomkesh Gotro

Director and actor Arindam Sil talks about his upcoming Puja release, Byomkesh Gotro

Published on 20th September 2018

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