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Travelling to destinations that offer intergenerational activities also helps enhance links amongst all family members

Here's how tourism has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic

We can have a deeper and more transformative experience when we travel with a purpose, allowing us to connect with our inner selves

Published on 21st September 2022
‘Gopalpur Beach’ by Nandalal Bose

A canvas of collective solitude

The recently concluded Delhi Art Week reiterates our collective hankering for a simpler time that found resonance during the COVID-19 pandemic

Published on 4th September 2022
Stills from Shamshera and Laal Singh Chaddha

Bust of Bollywood: A crisis with many faces

When did Hindi movies lose the plot? When did the stars tumble down to earth? When did the audience fall out of love? Who is to blame? COVID-19, the lack of content, cancel culture, or all three?

Published on 4th September 2022
Stand-up comedians Karthi Durai (top left), Syama Harini (top right), Manoj Prabhakar (bottom left), Praveen Kumar (bottom centre), and Jagan Krishna (bottom right)

Indulge 14th Anniversary Special: Stand-up comedians in Chennai talk about how this art form underwent changes over the last one-and-a-half years

However, the numerous acts and comics that burgeoned out of the pandemic led us to acknowledge the fact that stand-up comedy is witnessing a comeback. We speak to comedians about this resurgence

Published on 29th October 2021
Javed Ali

 Javed Ali on performing live after the COVID-19 pandemic and how music has changed

The singer is on an India tour for live performances and recently performed in Mumbai

Published on 7th July 2022
Chai Pani restaurant in Asheville, North Carolina

Indian eatery Chai Pani in US wins Outstanding Restaurant award

Run by five-time James Beard-nominated Chef Meherwan Irani, Chai Pani (which translates to ‘tea and water’), has a menu of ‘chaat’ items, tea, snacks, and other beverages

Published on 15th June 2022
Harry Styles' album’s track list, which was released on April 29, contains 13 songs

Harry Styles drops track list of his new album, Harry’s House

The album will be released on May 20, 2022

Published on 2nd May 2022
Cosmetic surgeries_Representational image only

What led to an increase in plastic surgeries, surgical beauty procedures over the last two years?

Dr Rajat Gupta, a Delhi-based board-certified plastic surgeon, saw a 200 percent increase in patients consulting him for cosmetic surgeries during the COVID-19 period

Published on 1st May 2022
Most big hero films are high on adrenaline and low on logic and space for women (including RRR, KGF: Chapter 2 and the much-maligned Beast)

Thamizh Talkies: Big dreams for the big screen

With RRR, Beast and KGF: Chapter 2 all bringing in audiences to theatres, there is another question to be asked. Has the era of watching movies inside the comfort of our homes finally snapped?

Published on 19th April 2022
The educators discussed at length about the mental health toll the new way of learning took on teachers alongside being home and balancing more than they could. (Photo | EPS)

ThinkEdu 2022: It’s amazing how teachers became unabashed learners, say educationists

Four leading educationists in the city reflect on the different kinds of learning teachers, students, parents and administrators alike, had in the COVID-19 pandemic

Published on 10th March 2022
Representational Image. Food

Collateral advantage

Several women who started earning for the first time by selling home food get an unexpected boost, facilitated by aggregating platforms

Published on 14th February 2022
Representational Image. COVID-19 vaccine

Victims of COVID-19 vaccine misinformation?

A new study finds that people suffering from depression may be more susceptible to falling prey to falsehood regarding COVID-19 vaccines

Published on 14th February 2022
Lata Mangeshkar tested positive for COVID-19 in January 2022

Condolences pour in for legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar from PM Modi, Shilpa Shetty, AR Rahman and others

Lata Mageshkar had been admitted to the hospital after she was diagnosed with COVID-19 and pneumonia

Published on 6th February 2022
Lata Mangeshkar tested positive for COVID-19 in January 2022

Lata Mangeshkar’s health deteriorates again, singer on ventilator support

Lata Mageshkar had been admitted to the hospital after she had been diagnosed with COVID-19 and pneumonia

Published on 5th February 2022
Amitabh Dayal passes away due to heart attack

Virrudh actor Amitabh Dayal passes away at 51

His wife, Mrinalini told media sources that Amitabh had also tested positive for COVID-19 while at the hospital, and later tested negative

Published on 2nd February 2022

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