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Chris Pine as Steve Rogers

'Deeply, supremely excited’: Chris Pine says Wonder Woman 1984's Steve Trevor is a 180 twist from first movie

"Tonally, what’s different is, he’s not world-weary. He’s not jaded," Chris Pine said in an interview 

Published on 24th June 2020
Gal Gadot

'Just me, backstage, being a mom': Gal Gadot posts pictures of herself pumping breast milk while getting ready for a shoot 

The actress normalises breastfeeding and breast milk pumping by sharing these images

Published on 19th August 2021
Gal Gadot is expecting baby number 3.

 Gal Gadot announces pregnancy, Jason Momoa and Kate Hudson send congratulatory messages  

One must remember Gal Gadot’s family made a brief but special appearance in Wonder Woman 1984, the sequel to the 2017 film - the first one in the instalment.

Published on 2nd March 2021
Gal Gadot and Ali Fazal

Ali Fazal joins Wonder Woman aka Gal Gadot's Death On The Nile

This film boasts a stellar cast including Penelope Cruz and Johnny Depp.

Published on 12th September 2019
Ali Fazal and Gal Gadot

Ali Fazal wishes 'best of luck' to Gal Gadot on Wonder Woman 1984, here's what she replied...

Ali and Gal have worked together in Kenneth Branagh's Death On The Nile

Published on 19th November 2020
Alia Bhatt in a still from the film

Alia Bhatt opens up about working with Gal Gadot, teaches 'Heart of Stone' co-star Telugu

Alia's excitement was palpable when she recounted her initial interactions with her co-star

Published on 9th August 2023
Alia Bhatt recalls a romantic gesture by Ranbir Kapoor on her birthday during Brahmastra shoot

Alia Bhatt recalls a romantic gesture by Ranbir Kapoor on her birthday during Brahmastra shoot

On the work front, Alia was last seen in the Hollywood film Heart of Stone, along with Gal Gadot

Published on 23rd August 2023
Gal Gadot and Alia Bhatt in Heart of Stone | Pic: IANS Photo

Alia Bhatt says sudden transition to full English in 'Heart of Stone' was weird

Gadot, who serves as producer, said that she really wanted to make this film.

Published on 3rd August 2023
Alia Bhatt | Pic: IANS Photo

Alia: 'We come from a school of thought that woman-led action film won't do well'

Her portrayal of Keya Dhawan, one of the world's most talented and dangerous hackers, is expected to captivate the global audience and cement her status as an international talent. 

Published on 10th August 2023
Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman 1984

Behind the scenes of Wonder Woman 1984: Director Patty Jenkins, actress Gal Gadot and others tell us what to expect

From larger-than-life fight sequences and recreating the ’80s era to narrating an emotionally charged story, Wonder Woman 1984 has a lot to offer say the cast members and writer-director Patty Jenkins

Published on 10th December 2020

Exclusive! Wonder Woman  Gal Gadot on Justice League superheroes

As Batman and Wonder Woman prepare to team up in Justice League, we got Gal Gadot and the rest of 
the team to chat about the film, their earliest comic book memories, and their costumes

Published on 10th November 2017
Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot confirms that Ratner is out of Wonder Woman 2

Actress Gal Gadot has confirmed the news of producer Brett Ratner being chucked out of Wonder Woman 2.

Published on 16th November 2017
Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot in troubled waters for wearing Lebanese dress

Since there are tensions between Israel and Lebanon, the post immediately sparked a backlash online before being removed altogether

Published on 12th January 2018
Gal Gadot in Heart of Stone | Pic: IANS PhotoGal Gadot in Heart of Stone | Pic: IANS Photo

Gal Gadot on 'Heart Of Stone': Liked being involved in the story from the very beginning

'It has made the role of Rachel Stone feel much more personal.'

Published on 7th August 2023

Gal Gadot teases queer romance in new Wonder Woman film, director Patty Jenkins rules out the idea

It's bad news for fans who were hoping for a romance between Diana Prince and Barbara Minerva

Published on 1st June 2020

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