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Healthy crackers

From quinoa puffs to healthy crackers, here are five guilt-free snacks to binge on

We list a few munchies here that are high on flavour and also have a healthy edge

Published on 21st July 2021

Arbour 28’s chef Himanil Khosla shares the recipe of their Quinoa Biryani

We went to this all-day kitchen and bar recently and liked their Quinoa Biryani so much that we asked chef Himanil Khosla for its recipe. 

Published on 10th March 2020

Review: From platters with fried eggs to hash cakes made of quinoa, the new menu at Ci Gusta! in Hyderabad  has some delicious options

They will be serving breakfast until 12 pm, for those who like their lazy weekends and want to start late.

Published on 10th January 2020
Basmati Rice Biryani

Review: Fab Cafe's new branch in Gachibowli offers smoothie bowls, vegan drinks and quinoa rotis

This is the brand's second outlet in the Hyderabad.

Published on 6th December 2019
Quinoa risotto with roasted avocado recipe

Superfood pick: Quinoa feel the love?

Executive chef Sujan Mukherjee of the Taj Coromandel gives a list of the healthy staples in his kitchen and one of his favourite recipes

Published on 24th May 2019
Moringa Oatmeal recipe

Breakfast recipes: Quinoa-chia protein bar and Moringa-oatmeal to start your day

Get back in shape with two healthy breakfast recipes to celebrate Diwali in style

Published on 30th October 2018

Here's why you should try quinoa from Peru 

From purple corn to lucuma, here's more than one reason to go ga ga over Peruvian superfoods

Published on 4th August 2017

Home and Away: New menu alert at Taj Krishna's Encounters

Encounters at Taj Krishna has South African street side fare and Nellore delicacies, all in a one-page menu

Published on 28th July 2017

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