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In this humid and ever-changing climate, it is crucial to take care of your baby's skin

Here is how to choose body care lotions for your newborn's skincare routine

When choosing the appropriate skin-care products for your child, one must exercise extreme caution and ideally only use items that have received clinical approval

Published on 20th September 2022
Rashmika’s Pic: B Vasanth Paul | Shruti’s Pic: Adrin Sequeira

From Shruti Haasan and Ranveer Singh to Rashmika Mandanna and Rana Daggubati — celebs and dermatologists are all gung-ho about their own beauty brands

Celebrities across India are releasing their own skincare lines and the most recent to do so are actresses Rashmika Mandanna and Shruti Haasan. We track the trend to find out more...

Published on 16th September 2022

Mansi Bagla to release new song for Ruskin Bond’s anthology tomorrow

The song is titled Tujhse Milne ki Aas and has been sung by Raveena Mehta

Published on 15th September 2022
Akash Choudhary

I have a six step night regime for skin: Bhagya Lakshmi’s Akash Choudhary

Few actors ever accept that they look after their skin, but Splitsvilla 10 famed Akash Choudhary is admittedly quite proud of his body care routine

Published on 11th September 2022
Kumkumadi tailam is well recognised for its antiseptic, antibacterial, and disinfecting qualities| Picture credit: Fleur Kaan (Unsplash)

Here are five benefits of using Kumkumadi everyday

Kumkumadi herbal elixir is created using a combination of ingredients that frequently heal skin issues

Published on 6th September 2022
Product review: SunScoop sunscreens

Product review: SunScoop offers several sunscreen variants including matte, invisible, fluid and glow

Protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays is a priority, therefore, I like to try different sunscreens to see which one suits my needs best

Published on 4th September 2022
Toning can be good for your skin

Toning is now a must-do in most skin regimens; here are the newest toners in town!

Toners are a must-have in today’s skin care regimen; here are the latest ones in the market

Published on 26th August 2022

NutriGlow launches new anti-aging skincare range

The limited edition range caters to all skin types and is vegan-friendly

Published on 2nd September 2022
Even though body acne is a common skincare concern, it can be harder to treat if you are in the dark about what you should do

A beginner's guide to tackling body acne

Even though body acne is a common skincare concern, it can be harder to treat if you are in the dark about what you should do

Published on 27th August 2022
Some tips to take care of your skin this monsoon

Here are some tips to deal with itchy skin during monsoon

All skin types should take extra precautions during the season as it can lead to many skin problems

Published on 24th August 2022
Here is an extensive skincare routine for all skin types

Here is a fantastic regime for flawless skin for all skin types

Ideally, we should tend to our skin at least twice every day, which is also known as the AM-PM skin routine

Published on 19th August 2022
How to take care of your skin after 40

Experts share tips on how to take care of your skin after the age of 40

Our skin's production of elastin, natural lipids, and collagen declines as we age. Here are six tips to take care of your skin after 40

Published on 19th August 2022
Model Nayanika with homegrown label Umatr's owne

Model Nayanika Chatterjee opens up on her skincare preferences

On the side lines of a grooming workshop organised by homegrown skin care label Umatr she told us about her skincare mantras

Published on 29th July 2022
The Illuminating Day Cream by The Skin Story

Product review: Illuminating Day Cream by The Skin Story

The Illuminating Day Cream by The Skin Story provides a protective barrier between the sun and the skin

Published on 24th July 2022
Skincare_Representational image

Do you find yourself picking your skin? Here's what you need to know

"Picking your skin constantly can lead to injuries, infections and scarring,” says Delhi-based dermatologist Dr Sudhir Sharma

Published on 24th July 2022

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