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Cycling has several benefits that ensure good health

Pedal your way to a healthy lifestyle; here are some of the benefits of cycling

Cycling has immense health benefits and cycling regularly can keep you healthy and active. Not just physical fitness, it could also be beneficial for your mental health.

Published on 11th August 2022
Women adventure bikers

Kissing the dirt: Women off-roaders looking for adventure

"People think that women don’t like riding in mud, dirt, gravel and rock-filled adventures, but it’s not exactly true," says Seema Ranjith, who is a prolific off-roader

Published on 15th September 2022
Honda CBR650R Grand Prix

Honda’s powerful and sporty CBR650R is potent and extremely quick off the mark

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India is out with the 2022 CBR650R that makes its way to our shores as a CKD unit

Published on 4th February 2022
Honda CB300R

Honda’s Neo-Sports Café inspired CB300R carries a retro touch and guarantees a fun ride

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India recently launched the Neo-Sports Café inspired CB300R

Published on 22nd January 2022

Yezdi is back with three new bikes: The Adventure, Scrambler and Roadster!

From long distance rides to everyday fun and classic vibes — these three new Yezdi models have us smitten

Published on 22nd January 2022
Ducati Desert X

Ducati’s DesertX brings together a retro vibe of the 80s and brand new tech from this era!

Explore unchartered territories with Ducati’s latest adventure bike

Published on 17th December 2021
Triumph Tiger 1200

The Triumph Tiger 1200 hints at an exhilarating ride experience both on and off road!

The all-new Tiger 1200 promises to be the world’s most capable, agile and manoeuvrable large capacity adventure bike

Published on 17th December 2021
The prototype of the new-gen Svitch Bike CSR 762

Svitch Bike’s CSR 762 e-bike might launch in India soon!

Svitch Bike has showcased their CSR 762 e-bike concept that they are looking forward to launching in India soon

Published on 3rd December 2021
Ducati Panigale V4 2022 version

Ducati’s latest version of the Panigale V4 is set to re-write the rule book for superbikes!

Ducati is out with the 2022 version of the Panigale V4 and is set to re-write the rule book for superbikes!

Published on 3rd December 2021

Indulge 14th Anniversary Special: High-speed e-bikes, sustainable room heaters, and conference speakerphones are all the rage right now

This week, we have high-tech e-bikes from Vanmoof, portable conference speakerphones, a smart app controlled electric room heater and more on our list. Check out the details below

Published on 31st October 2021
Ducati Monster range

Ducati’s new Monster range guarantees an exhilarating driving experience

Ducati is out with the all-new Monster range in India and the bikes deliver on that quintessential fun-to-ride promise

Published on 1st October 2021
TVS Apache RR 310 motorcycle

Did you know that you can now custom build your TVS Apache RR 310 motorcycle?

The Apache RR 310 can now be kitted to reflect your personality!

Published on 1st October 2021
Ducati has launched the SuperSport 950

Ducati has launched the SuperSport 950 and Super Sport 950 S in India. Both bikes boast of extreme dynamics and a ride experience like no other

The SuperSport 950 is powered by the 937 cc Ducati Testastretta 11° twin-cylinder engine, revised to meet the BS6 emission standards. The maximum power and torque values are confirmed as 110 hp and 93

Published on 18th September 2021
Royal Enfield's Classic 350

Royal Enfield’s Classic 350 signifies the rebirth of a masterpiece with its all-new refined engine and other features

It takes a lot to build an icon up from scratch, but that is just what Royal Enfield has done with the all-new Classic 350

Published on 10th September 2021

Delivery of BMW G310 duo bikes commence in Tamil Nadu

Major part of deliveries will commence from and at our Chennai Flagship facility

Published on 27th August 2018

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