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Enjoy flavoursome workdays with Hanglaatherium's Weekday Biryani Buffet

The buffet includes endless options from succulent and juicy veg and non-veg starters, delicious main courses and indulgent desserts.

Published on 5th May 2023
Mutton biryani from Matka Garam

Chef Aishwarya's Matka Garam satiates your midnight biryani cravings

Located near Ruby More, Matka Garam also offers Chicken/Mutton Chaap and Chicken/Mutton Kasha, apart from Kolkata-style Mutton &and Chicken Biryani.

Published on 3rd April 2023

Iftar trail: Our guide to special menus for you to explore in Chennai as we enter the month of Ramadan

We bring you a mix of traditional staples like mutton samosas and kebabs, as well as more novel options like Butternut squash haleem catering to the city's vegan populace

Published on 23rd March 2023

Cloud Kitchen Just Biriyani will satiate your cravings at any time of the day with a healthy twist

Founded by actor-filmmaker Suchandra Vaaniya this hyperlocal cloud kitchen offers a variety of fresh pots of biryanis neatly packed and delivered directly to your doorstep

Published on 17th March 2023

The Biryani Canteen to celebrate Holi in the desi way

Head out to this vibrant outlet full of street art after a morning full of colourful action to gorge on some mouthwatering Biryani 

Published on 3rd March 2023

Pongal special: Conservationists and chefs on reviving forgotten grains and using them in everything from biryani to biscotti

Ahead of the Pongal weekend, we reap a fresh harvest of culinary innovation and changing conversation around indigenous grains

Published on 13th January 2023

Head out to The Biryani Canteen at Offbeat CCU to celebrate the diversity of Biryani

Chef Paul Jonas Augustine will make sure you make the most out of your gastronomic adventure

Published on 16th December 2022
Street food at the festival

Indulge in the lip-smacking street-side flavours of India with hotel Mercure Hyderabad KCP's newly launched food festival

Guests can relish specialities like Telangana’s biryani, Andhra’s dosa, Delhi’s chaat and much more.

Published on 2nd December 2022
Vegan Tandoori Soya Chaap

E'woke cafe in Hyderabad launched a new menu with a few desi additions like biryani and samosas

The café also hosts a vegan store, where you can find everything right from skincare to pre-mix kits for Thai curries and vegan chocolate bars

Published on 7th October 2022

Baarak, the new biryani joint in Chennai is about celebrating delicious flavours

From a delectable raan to a biryani that is delightfully homely, Baarak, the new eatery down Khader Nawaz Khan Road is a celebration of flavours.

Published on 7th October 2022
Hungry Cochin

Hungry for more - from sushi to biryani

Ajay and Fasil bonded over the dining table, and now they share the joy of good food with Malayalis across the world

Published on 10th September 2022
Fried mutton biryani

Hyderabad's Ajwain Kitchen offers local favourites and street-style Chinese noodles and manchurian

From biryanis to Indo-Chinese dishes, this cloud kitchen has got it all

Published on 9th September 2022
Konaseema Royyala Vepudu

Baby Lamb in Hyderabad offers authentic local breakfast dishes and biryanis

Expect dishes like paya paratha, keema bajji, and lamb biryani

Published on 26th August 2022
The spread at Park Hyatt Hyderabad

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