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EveryDawg food

Wiggles’ new dog food range EveryDawg promises right nutrition for your four-legged friend

Available in three variants, Mother and Puppy, Puppies and Adult Dogs, EveryDawg is carefully crafted to meet the daily nutrition needs of dogs depending on their life stage

Published on 18th August 2022
Flatulence and indigestion

Flatulence: Causes, remedies, and complications

Flatulence can be a huge problem for people who suffer from it and it happens to all of us

Published on 1st June 2022
Health benefits of tea

Here’s how one cup of tea a day can help you improve your immunity

Drinking tea can have a positive impact on your wellness but moderation is the key to enjoy maximum benefits

Published on 6th May 2022
Taping your mouth while sleeping has several benefits!

Did you know that taping your mouth shut is a new form of therapy to help with better sleep?

As part of his research, Nestor conducted several breathing experiments to compare nasal versus oral breathing. One of these is mouth taping

Published on 17th April 2022
five simple habits

World Health Day: Follow these five simple habits to keep your body in great shape

Here are some of the elements that majorly affect our immune system

Published on 8th April 2022
Devika Mohapatra (standing) and Ryan Fernando

Power couples unite! Here are some success stories of businesses in the wellness sector run by couples:

From e-clinics to e-classes and e-consultations, these couples moved between independent and interdependent careers and lives and achieved high-level professional success

Published on 6th March 2022
Gut health

Get your gut health in check with these simple lifestyle changes

Let’s look at eight basic lifestyle changes that will help you in keeping your gut health strong:

Published on 25th February 2022
benefits of Zinc

Here's all that you need to know about the potential benefits of Zinc on your skin

This mineral’s antioxidant properties support a number of body functions and build immunity

Published on 18th February 2022
Seasonal soup

Delhi’s chefs share nutritious, immunity-boosting soup recipes

Delhi’s leading chefs share nutritious, immunity-boosting soup recipes that are made from seasonal ingredients

Published on 6th January 2022
White butter protects your heart, boosts immunity, helps with weight loss, and is good for your bones

What are the benefits of white butter?

White butter, or makhan, as it’s popularly referred to, ranks high on the nutrient index with its antiviral, antibacterial, anticarcinogenic properties

Published on 14th November 2021
Black pepper for good health

Here’s how black pepper can help you fight digestive issues  

The alkaloid component piperine of black pepper has anti-inflammatory effects and potential cancer-fighting properties

Published on 22nd October 2021
Fitness in the time of coronavirus (Photo: IANS)

What Indians searched for most during the pandemic: Immunity, fitness, financial investments and more

Staying at home led also to a spike in the demand for hyperlocal delivery services

Published on 19th July 2021

Fresh Crush in Chennai delivers sugarcane juice with immunity boosters like tulsi and karpuravalli

Despite the heavy-duty cold press machine and strict hygiene protocols — you still get your thirst quenched at rates on par with roadside vendors

Published on 25th June 2021

Here’s why probiotic is a must for your gut health and immunity  

The gold standard for building immunity is a well-balanced diet with all the nutrients and a healthy lifestyle

Published on 4th June 2021
Immunity Boosters And Dishes

Taj Krishna Hyderabad introduces a new menu on Qmin app that offers healthy regional delicacies

Taj Krishna introduces a new menu, Innergise on its Qmin app

Published on 28th May 2021

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