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Shieladitya Moulik'S Next Film Radio

Shieladitya Moulik's next film, Radio, has Priyanka Sarkar in the lead

Shieladitya Moulik shares details about his third outing, Radio

Published on 23rd July 2021

Shieladitya Moulik, Arjunn Dutta and Indrasis Acharya to curate the menu for Three Course Meal

This Hindi anthology will have three films with food as the central theme

Published on 13th March 2021

Shieladitya Moulik completes filming his third short, The Inside Job

The film stars Sreelekha Mitra and Shaheb Chatterjee in the lead

Published on 10th February 2021

Swastika Mukherjee to star in Shieladitya Moulik's next short, Swad Anusar

Maulik just finished the shoot of the film, which will be released in the year-end

Published on 14th October 2020

Shieladitya Moulik’s third film Chheledhora's shoot to begin around the Pujas  

Filmmaker Shieladitya Moulik’s third film Chheledhora will be another relationship saga on road

Published on 11th September 2020

Jaya Ahsan to star in Shieladitya Moulik's third film, Chheledhora

Moulik's third film is a tale of parenthood and childhood with a social twist

Published on 4th September 2020

Lockdown special: Shieladitya Moulik's three shorts starring a few talented Tollywood actors are worth a watch

Filmmaker Shieladitya Moulik has come up with a few lovely shorts to make you ponder during the lockdown

Published on 4th May 2020

Filmmakers Shieladitya Moulik and Arjunn Dutta chat about the struggles of making different cinema

It’s time to sit up and take notice of the filmmakers Arjunn Dutta and Shieladitya Moulik, as they make a mark with their offbeat content, and fresh approach to filmmaking

Published on 22nd November 2019

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