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‘I want to represent South-Indian culture globally with my content, music’: Content creator Vishaka

‘I want to represent South-Indian culture globally with my content, music’: Content creator Vishaka

Content creator Vishaka, who is popular on Instagram and TikTok for her short videos on several topics, has written the lyrics for and featured in the music video for the track, ‘Thaanga Mudiyala’.

Published on 16th May 2022

AR Rahman wins Best Background Score and Best Music Direction at 65th National Awards

The music director has won the Best Background Score for Mom and Best Music Direction for Kaatru Veliyidai after 15 years.

Published on 13th April 2018

Aruna Sairam on her first music lesson

Aruna Sairam listened through a door for a whole month before she was given the privilege of her first music lesson with T Brinda at age 8. What's your music story?

Published on 10th December 2017

Quarantine diary: Rahul Rajkhowa is teaching history, writing new songs and practising dance

From teaching history to writing new songs, practising dance and reading Frank Sinatra's autobiography, Rahul Rajkhowa is doing it all!

Published on 8th April 2020
Jayanthi Kumaresh

String melody: Jayanthi Kumaresh on finding music between the frets

Jayanthi Kumaresh demonstrates how to get your tone, pitch, and gamakas right

Published on 19th December 2017

Theatre artiste Salim Arif and singer Tauseef Akhtar revive Mirza Ghalib's work through a new musical show

The musical throws light on Ghalib's life through his rare letters and popular ghazals.

Published on 19th April 2018

WATCH: Turn up your volume: The Tabla Guy is here to play for you  

No genre is difficult for The Tabla Guy, from Bom Diggy Diggy to There For You, he can play it all.

Published on 16th May 2018
Eddie Van Halen's son Wolfgang

Wolfgang Van Halen on his musical journey, childhood, upcoming album and inspirations

Rock guitar virtuoso Eddie Van Halen's son Wolfgang talks to Indulge about his debut album, childhood, coping with his father's death and more...

Published on 20th March 2021

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