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The Wounded Earth, an art show curated by Jitha Karthikeyan, is a visual presentation of our beautiful landscapes that could soon vanish forever, if we do not act now.

The Wounded Earth art show curated by Jitha Karthikeyan captures climate change

It is a visual presentation of our beautiful landscapes that could soon vanish forever, if we do not act now.

Published on 26th September 2023
(L) Rolla by Henri Gervex; (R) V Balakrishnan and Aparna Kumar in the play Rolla

Avant Garde, an art-based theatre festival, provides movement to some popular paintings

What happens when paintings come alive on stage? Magic of course! Chennai Art Theatre brings three amazing stories inspired by art pieces like Rolla, Phad painting and the Thomas Munro statue

Published on 25th August 2023
Vincent Van Gogh Paintings experience feels therapeutic when paintings like Almond Blossom and Sunflowers come together with twirling flowers.

Get a 360-degree view into the life and works of celebrated painter Van Gogh at this immersive experience

After delving into the artist’s life, we are led to the main hall – a room adorned with 360-degree projections on all four walls

Published on 17th August 2023
One of the paintings from Dushyant's exhibition

Artist Dushyant Patel talks to Indulge about his latest collection of paintings, his dream project and more

Dushyant's latest art collection explores relationships on a canvas

Published on 18th August 2023
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Breathing art into dying weaves

Priya Ravish Mehra was a textile artist and researcher who vociferously championed the ancient Indian art of darning called Rafoogari through her art practice

Published on 11th August 2023

Suman Chandra's first solo, Silent Vision, explores coal mine landscapes

Suman’s immersive solo show will be dominated mostly by paintings apart from a few photographs, sculptures, installation and a display video

Published on 26th July 2023
Burden Unreleased

Artists Divahar Manohar and Chandru Gurusamy present a splash of emotions through their paintings

Two artists, belonging to two different generations, present a contrasting set of emotions through their thought-provoking paintings

Published on 28th July 2023
Oil painting printed on shirts

How streetwear label 'Wake Your Dreams' is converting oil paintings into wearable art

Checkout its latest edit 'Trust Your Journey' to know more

Published on 31st May 2023
The exhibit has helped Pierce see the totality of his work

Pierce Brosnan unveils deeply personal paintings in his first solo art exhibit

Pierce began pursuing the visual arts as a young boy living in Ireland

Published on 21st May 2023
Jamini Roy’s house

Home and the world of Jamini Roy, India’s first private single-artist museum

Beautiful is the instinctive adjective to describe artist Jamini Roy’s paintings, not because you don’t understand them, but because you do

Published on 16th April 2023

Contemporary artist Maredu Ramu’s new art show to exhibit paintings inspired the urbanisation of Hyderabad

A Walk Through the City offers linear compositions of acrylic work on canvas which include water bodies, flora and fauna

Published on 14th April 2023
The Sun Flowers

Gita Hudson's new paintings are a tale of sunflowers

Artist Gita Hudson’s new series of paintings is all about the colours of sunflowers and the many messages they carry

Published on 10th March 2023

Streetwear label Rafu’d rolls out a collection inspired by Rajasthan’s phad paintings

The collection of 33 pieces boasts over six variants, the names of which are derived from Gujarati, created from biodegradable tencel and hand-woven, organic Kutch fabrics like kala cotton.

Published on 10th March 2023
Paresh Maity

Artist Paresh Maity brings his biggest solo exhibition to the city

The exhibtion comes to an end in the city after successful outings in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Goa

Published on 24th February 2023
'Rita At The Piano', a painting at the exhibition

Frame of reference: A blend of cinema and love 

Titled 'Dr Banerjee in Dr Kulkarni’s Nursing Room & Other Paintings', 2020-2022, the exhibition showcases 24 painted stills from films that painter Atul Dodiya grew up watching

Published on 19th February 2023

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