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Now, you can gift unique handmade figurines made out of coconut shells!

Anju and Anandamadhavan leave no stone unturned while creating unique gifts out of coconut shells

Published on 1st December 2021

Apple sues a Canada-based company for reselling 1 lakh devices meant for recycling

According to a report in The Logic, Apple said in a lawsuit that the resales "damaged demand for new Apple products, created safety issues for consumers and hurt its brand"

Published on 3rd October 2020
The Bisleri Bottles for Change initiative

Initiative: Bisleri Bottles for Change raises awareness about recycling and upcycling plastic

Bisleri, earlier this March, carried out an initiative to educate citizens about the importance of recycling and upcycling plastic.

Published on 21st March 2020
Anjana Ghosh

Can plastic be valuable? Learn all about the Bottles for Change recycling initiative in Mumbai

Anjana Ghosh, Director Marketing and OSR of Bisleri International chats with Indulge about their ongoing ‘Bottles for Change’ initiative.

Published on 3rd November 2019

The Rug Republic is giving the recycling revolution a boost with its Instagrammable, eco-friendly rugs

Make way for The Rug Republic's environmentally-sound and colourful rugs

Published on 22nd August 2019

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