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By Karan Torani

Karan Torani brings sartorial stories from Vrindavan

With Vrindavan as inspiration, there is sure to be a riot of colours; while with summer, there’s a play with romantic hues, as is evident in Karan Torani’s latest collections

Published on 7th April 2023
Models from Mithyaa

Fashion designer Karan Torani probes the idea of Indian beauty and seven sins with latest collection Mithyaa

The campaign of the collection probes whether 7 sins mentioned in Hindu theology are really sins or delights that make us ‘whole’

Published on 25th March 2023
New age couture

Indian designers define new-age new-age couture ahead of festive and wedding season

We talk to India’s leading couturiers on how a shift in choices pertaining to innovation, sustainability, functionality, comfort and more is shaping couture of today

Published on 7th October 2022
House of Torani

House of Torani's hand-painted lehengas are peak bridesmaid chic

The Jhooley collection is out now

Published on 29th June 2021

Torani’s bold festive collection encapsulates the essence of Shyam Benegal’s drama, Mandi

For his latest collection, Bazaar of Love — Mandi, the designer once again returns to his preferred muse for inspiration — in this case, Bollywood

Published on 4th October 2019

Nayaab brings together designers who are offering the heritage Benares weave a modern appeal

The three-day showcase will feature design houses like Torani, Urvashi Kaur, En Inde and Kora

Published on 26th July 2019

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