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Coconut Lagoon

The Green Traveller's Guide To God’s Own Country

Our pick of the most luxurious environment-conscious hospitality destinations in Kerala

Published on 2nd June 2017
World Tourism Day: An OYO Home

World Tourism Day special: 5 Indian companies making a difference to the travel scene

This World Tourism Day, let’s celebrate five organisations that have given a fillip to India’s tourism by making travel affordable, hassle-free and encouraged Indians to embrace globetrotting.

Published on 25th September 2019
Travel and Visa FAQs (Photo: Internet/Archives)

Travel and Visa FAQs: Expect a shift in both travel norms and traveller behaviour

Industry experts suggest that while travel will eventually recover in stages, we should expect a shift in both travel norms and traveller behaviour.

Published on 20th May 2020
A tour guide for Visit Faroe Islands wears a helmet with a live-streaming camera (Kirstin Vang/Visit Faroe Islands via AP)

Travel to a faraway island during the lockdown: Faroe Islands offers remote tourism experience

Wish you could travel to a faraway island during the lockdown? The Faroe Islands are offering remote tourism, where web users can control a real-life tour guide to trek around the remote archipelago.

Published on 19th April 2020
Musée du Parfum Fragonard

A Fragrant Find: The art and science of perfume-making in Paris museum, Musee du Parfum Fragonard

Set up by Maison Fragonard— a traditional, family-owned French perfume house dating back to 1926, the museum was the first of its kind to open in Paris in 1983

Published on 25th December 2022
As Switzerland Tourism's 'Friendship Ambassador', Neeraj Chopra will share his experiences in the country

Indian athlete Neeraj Chopra gets appointed the ‘Friendship Ambassador’ for Switzerland Tourism

The athlete donated his gold-winning javelin to The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland in September this year

Published on 10th November 2022
Travelling to destinations that offer intergenerational activities also helps enhance links amongst all family members

Here's how tourism has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic

We can have a deeper and more transformative experience when we travel with a purpose, allowing us to connect with our inner selves

Published on 21st September 2022
Popular festivals like Surf Turf, Short and Sweet Theatre Festival and Bonjour India, celebrate Chennai

Indulge turns 15: Here are ten popular festivals in Chennai that attract tourists from all over the world

Our city has always been known for its festivals, but over the last few years, that number has drastically increased! We track the most popular fêtes in town

Published on 21st October 2022
Dr M Mathiventhan, Minister for Tourism Development, Tamil Nadu

Indulge turns 15: Tamil Nadu Minister for Tourism, Dr M Mathiventhan on how the world is coming to Chennai

From hot air balloons and luxury cruises to international kite festivals and food carnivals, Dr M Mathiventhan, enthralls us with grand plans that promise to engage and attract tourists to our city...

Published on 21st October 2022
The beaches in the state offer a variety of water sports, including flyboarding and jet skiing| Picture credit: Hamza Shaikh (Unsplash)

Here is what Goa has to offer in the area of adventure sports in India

Goa reportedly outperforms all other states in this regard since it not only delivers immaculate beaches but also an adrenaline rush through thrilling adventure sports

Published on 25th September 2022

Narendra Bhawan in Bikaner promises a unique experience of the historical city with themed lunches and heritage walks

Narendra Bhawan — a palatial and imposing boutique hotel in Bikaner that offers royal treatment, Instagrammable spots and more

Published on 2nd September 2022
Shae Keenan, CMO Visit Victoria

Tête-à-tête: Australian tourism officer Shae Keenan of Visit Victoria on building sustainable tourism ties with India 

The CMO opens up about the current travel scene post-pandemic, ICC T20 World Cup, best places to explore in Victoria and how Australia is planning to build strong relations with India 

Published on 31st August 2022
Women’s travel group river rafting in Manali

Meet Kerala's women-only travel group: 'Appooppanthaadi'

Sajna Ali, whose women-only travel group hits its 400th trip milestone this year, plans to adopt responsible tourism and float a travel fellowship

Published on 17th July 2022
Venice to charge entry fee from January 2023

Venice becomes world’s first city to charge an entry fee; rules apply from January 2023

The violators of the entry fee rule will be fined up to €300 ( INR 24,710)

Published on 4th July 2022
Mardi done by Alex Face

Phuket, Thailand’s touristy kitsch capital, is an artist's paradise! Here's why:

Walking along Phuket’s illustrated streets, it becomes clear that the artists are recreating the country’s lost cultural treasures

Published on 29th May 2022

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