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World Environment Day 2021: A beginner’s guide to nature-loving labels

An easy starter’s guide to help you pick nature-loving fashion and beauty labels this Environment Day

Published on 4th June 2021
Travis Scott

Travis Scott hires Donald Trump's lawyer to fight billions worth of Astroworld lawsuits

At least ten people of the 50,000 attendees died due to poor crowd control at the Astroworld concert held on November 5

Published on 4th December 2021

The Thief restobar in Chennai takes you on a tour of world-famous stolen paintings over cocktails

Expect three storeys of swanky interiors, including al fresco-style dining on the rooftop 

Published on 3rd December 2021
Using art as a medium to spread awareness

Chennai-based hospital has installed a vibrant miniature clock model depicting the eight-course healthy meal

Using art as a medium to spread awareness, the hospital has installed a vibrant miniature clock model depicting the eight-course healthy meal commonly prescribed to patients with diabetes

Published on 2nd December 2021
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Crumpled chic: The world of contemporary linen

With creases and crushes being its USP, what’s not to love about linen, the contemporary design world’s first choice for bedding and clothing

Published on 29th November 2021
An augmented reality mobile game

Going back with the future

A few organisations are using digital means to help children revisit our heritage 

Published on 25th November 2021
The Great Book Giveaway organised by The Community Library Project

Writer Mridula Koshy and a free world of books

Books have the ability to open up worlds for readers. However, there are many who do not have access to what they want to read.

Published on 19th November 2021

A world of art

Kiran M, a self-taught artist, makes sketches of urban landscapes around the capital city, freezing them on his notebooks

Published on 16th November 2021

World Vegan Month: Chef Raveena Taurani shares the recipe of her favourite snack

For World Vegan Month, Yogisattva's founder Chef Raveena Taurani shares the recipe for Grilled Avocado, Mango and Amaranth Cracker Tower.

Published on 15th November 2021
World Cake Day special: Sushi cake
Four ways to prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes

Four ways to prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes

If lifestyle changes don’t get you to your target blood sugar levels, you may need medication

Published on 12th November 2021

In the ongoing solo show, An Idyllic World: The Real and the Imagined, artist Ramu Das delves into the fantasy world

The exhibition consists of 14 paintings, all acrylic on canvas

Published on 12th November 2021
100 Eyes Of Ganpati’, 2020

100 Eyes Of Ganpati, 2020 by Shahid Datawala provide the viewers a coming together of experienced and imagined worlds

Mumbai-based photographer Shahid Datawala (47) speaks of how he would collect images of damaged Lord Ganesha idols that were immersed during Ganesh Chaturthi

Published on 8th November 2021
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Owls 'prey' to be rescued from trafficking

Fuelled by various myths and superstitions, the nocturnal bird is illegally trafficked in thousands during Diwali

Published on 3rd November 2021
Red Pumpkin Erissery with Matta Rice and Pappadum | Chef Rakesh Raghunathan from Zee Zest

World Vegan Day: Red Pumpkin Erissery Recipe

A vegan delicacy from the heart of Kerala

Published on 1st November 2021

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