Farm-stays in Nilgiris promises an exotic productive holiday

Destiny’s Farm Stay and Acres Wild offer first hand farming experiences and courses in cheese-making for guests who stay at their property, making it a worthwhile experience that can be carried home.

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Destiny’s Farm stay

From successfully getting you off the grid to getting your hands dirty, these farm-stays in Nilgiris promise you exotically productive holidays

BORED of the cookie-cutter vacations where you laze in bed all day or visit crowded tourist spots that turn out to be a nightmarish experience? Fret not. Several properties in the Nilgiris are turning their farms into farm-stays that invite guests over to get a hands-on experience on holistic and sustainable living through their interactive activities. Places like Destiny’s Farm Stay and Acres Wild offer first-hand farming experiences and courses in cheese-making for guests who stay at their property, making it a worthwhile experience that can be carried home.

Destiny’s Farm stay

Farmville anyone?

Are you one of those Farmville fanatics who spend hours planting crops and harvesting them virtually? What if we told you there is a place you could go to chill and recreate Farmville for real? Tucked away near the pristine valley of Avalanche, Destiny’s Farm stay is a spot for those who are adventurous and are keen on testing their green thumb.

The sprawling 23 acres farm has 35 comfortable rooms that are divided into four blocks — Wild West, Great Explorers, Men of Nature and Planet Savers. However, what makes this property an ideal spot for adults and children alike is their interactive activity that encourages guests to have a hands-on experience with farming.

Crop up

Destiny’s Farm Stay which employs eco-friendly methods of cultivation produces a wealth of exotic herbs, English vegetables, fruits and dairy products. Those who are curious about farming can till the soil, plant a herb or simply help in harvesting. As if that is not exciting enough, Destiny’s also has a clean well-maintained dairy farm where one can also try their hand at milking cows.

Hold your horses

The farm is home to a lot of cattle and children can spend quality time petting horses and calves, playing with the bunnies and swimming with the geese, all under the supervision of staff, of course. The workers at the farm are enthusiastic, are experienced and are open to answering questions about various aspects of agriculture. “We try to make the stay an experience to remember, by involving our guests in the working of our farm and dairy,” says Meeta Prabhu, co-founder of the property. 

Rs 8,975 onwards.

Acres Wild

Dear dairy

If you thought the crisp cool air in the Nilgiris is only fit for cosying up under the sheets during vacations, think again. The climate is also considered excellent for making cheese and if you decide to stay with Mansoor and his family, who own the Acres Wild farm, all your cheese-making dreams may just come true.

Acres wild
Sanpshot from Acres Wild

Got milk?

 Acres Wild, which is located in Coonoor,  has three cottages, Colby, Cheddar and Haloumi, all named after different varieties of cheese. But the key activity at the farm is their offer of a two-day course on how to make different varieties of gourmet or artisan cheese from the milk of hybrid cows. The farm aims at a holistic approach to sustainable living, allows their guests to have an emotional connect with the livestock at the property and also learn a thing or two about cheese-making. In the two days, the guests are taken on a journey on how to collect milk from the cows, pasteurise it, add culture, press the cheese and add appropriate herbs to make flavoured cheese.

Cheesy paradise

Visitors who’ve taken the cheese-making course in Acres Wild claim that the organic cheese made on the farm is world class and can seriously tempt even those who are not big fans of cheese. Apart from making it, guests can also take home some impressive varieties of cheese like the Gruyere, Blue cheese, feta, Gouda, parmesan and cheddar. While visiting Acres Wild, do not forget to pick up some herb garlic and pepper topped cream cheese cubes that are a favourite among the local crowd.

The farm also invites guests to take part in bread making, cold-processed soap making and jam making using the locally grown seasonal fruits. Those interested in fishing can also head to the pond at the farm and catch carps that can be tossed back into the water or be cooked for the day’s meal. (The cost for the cheese-making course is Rs 10,000 per person and the rooms start at Rs 6,000 onwards)