Ever tried an eco-friendly mithai? Curious? Watch Rocky and Mayur's new digital series to know more

Season 4 of #RoadTrippinwithRnM is streaming on HistoryTV18's social media platforms

Ayesha Tabassum Published :  09th July 2021 05:12 PM   |   Published :   |  09th July 2021 05:12 PM
Mayur and Rocky

Mayur and Rocky

The term “eco-friendly” has been a popular word and concept for quite some time now. From fashion, travel destinations, to even workplaces – everyone seems to be adopting the eco-friendly concept with all fervour. So, the food industry isn’t too far behind. But have you heard of eco-friendly mithai? If it sounds oddly strange, then you must watch the latest episode of #RoadTrippinwithRnM.

Rocky and Mayur, the duo behind the unique and popular travel food shows on Indian television is back on the road for season 4 of their digital series that’s currently streaming on HistoryTV18’s social media platforms. The duo is exploring Gujarat extensively in this season and have so far covered Surat, Vadodara, Ahmedabad and Bhavangar, since they started on July 5. What’s unique about this series is that Rocky and Mayur are shooting and uploading the videos in real time. They eat, shoot, and upload the video, while they are on the move. It’s also interactive because they ask their followers for suggestions, and if they think the place suggested is worth a visit, they do drop by!


Ahead of starting their journey from Surat, the hosts spoke with Indulge about the series, and their plan to shoot a road trip during the pandemic. “#RoadTrippinwithRnM explores not just places and the food that is being served, we also hunt for stories behind the food that we are trying and recommending. We are storytellers and our stories include a little bit of history and location specific details,” explains Rocky. What’s interesting to note is that the duo will also be trying the non-vegetarian cuisine of Gujarat. According to popular notion, Gujarat is believed to be a vegetarian state, but Mayur explains, “The seafood at Porbandar is a must-try and we are looking forward to that. Unlike what people think, the state has a unique non-vegetarian cuisine that leans towards seafood.” Rocky agrees. A wildlife enthusiast and avid photographer that he is, Rocky is looking forward to three places during this trip. “My greatest passion in life is to take pictures of birds. I am a bird photographer. So, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar and Porbandar are on top of my list because you find some unique species of birds there. We are also looking forward to visiting the Gir Forest,” he says.

The entire series will be shot using a smartphone. The pandemic has caused a huge setback to the local food industry and with this series Rocky and Mayur hope that people will be confident again to travel and eat food at local places. “During these pandemic times shooting with a big crew, is definitely unsafe for everyone. It’s just Mayur, our camera person and I, who are travelling, and in fact, we are self-driving. This is one of the most brutal formats to pick that involves driving up to 10 hours a day and shooting the videos ourselves,” enthuses Rocky.

Meanwhile, if you really want to know what the eco-friendly mithai is all about then here’s a hint! Rocky and Mayur were at Das Pendawala in Bhavnagar this morning, and from the video it did look like the food connoisseurs were thoroughly enjoying what they sampled! Watch the video here.