Indians can now benefit from these new visa and summer travel programs offered by four popular countries

From Hungary and Thailand to Dubai and Saudi Arabia, visiting these countries have now been made easy to explore this year thanks to these programs
Indians can now benefit from these new visa and summer travel programs offered by four popular countries

Hungary reintroduces Golden Visa Program

Starting from July 1, affluent nationals from countries outside the European Union and European Economic Area will have the opportunity to acquire residency in Hungary through the reintroduced Golden Visa Program, now known as the Guest Investor Program. The revamped scheme offers three investment options for internationals seeking residency. The Golden Visa not only grants residency in Hungary but also provides visa-free travel across all EU countries. Applicants will need to follow up with residency applications and biometric submissions.

Thailand’s new visa offers stay up to 60 days

The newly launched ‘Destination Thailand Visa’ program extends the visa exemption period for tourists and short-term business visitors from 30 to 60 days for passport holders from 93 countries. It also expands the Visa on Arrival eligibility from 19 to 31 countries. Additionally, the new visa caters to long-term travellers, digital nomads and participants in specific cultural activities, allowing stays of up to 180 days per visit on a multipleentry basis within five years. The program also aims to improve visas to facilitate the travel of international students and those nearing graduation in Thailand.

Dubai introduces a new visa to become a global gaming hub

The emirate of Dubai has unveiled a new Dubai Gaming Visa aimed at positioning the city as a global hub for the gaming industry. This visa will offer long-term residency to gamers, content creators and industry professionals from around the world. The initiative is designed to encourage the development of gaming skills, while also providing a range of investment opportunities to help turn innovative ideas into successful projects.

Saudi Arabia unveils Summer Programme 2024 to attract tourists

S audi Arabia has introduced its 2024 summer programme to attract tourists and families to the Gulf nation. Running from June to September, the Saudi Summer is Next Door programme will cover seven destinations: Aseer, Al Baha, Taif, the Red Sea, Jeddah, Riyadh and AlUla. It offers over 150 packages tailored for families and children, featuring adventure, luxury retreats and cultural and heritage activities.

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