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Jibhi is truly about its people. You can try not to fall in love with them!
Jibhi is truly about its people
Jibhi is truly about its people

Jibhi: What is special about this little hamlet?

The clouds are close. The mountains are so high you can always feel your heartbeat and measure it on your fitness scale. Wild daisies, ferns, wild strawberries, and moss give you a treasure-filled flying carpet feeling. The bearded iris is omnipresent, pretending to be orchid-like. Tiny shops overflow with Himachal topis (caps), sheep wool cardigans, and those patterned socks that should be in art galleries everywhere. And then there are the new-age and ancient Himalayan goodies like shilajit, sarpagandha, and other Ayurvedic ‘jadi booti’ (a term I really admire) with a zillion secret mysterious ingredients. All those shamans, shamanic customs, and cannabis history are so much fun.

Jibhi is truly about its people
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We stayed in a tree house and had Himachal dham, sidhu, rara chicken, and of course, the trout — a Himalayan staple. Our hostess was a delight whose company we could not get enough of!

As every true blue traveller knows, you have to relentlessly pursue ‘hole in the wall’ eateries. And the smiling Kullu women serving seem to also add dollops of joy to the fresh flavours.

Jibhi is truly about its people
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Do get yourself a Himachali topi. It really helps to dress for the role if you want an immersive experience, and if you can, get as many as possible — the green Kinnauri, the cream Malana, the colourful Bussheri, and others. You need to be crowned to feel like a bonafide Kullu traveller.

So, Jibhi is truly about its people. They are the sweet, pure souls of fairy tales. You can try not to fall in love with them!

This article is written by Anupamaa Dayal

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