Why New Zealand's Wellington is the ideal vacation destination for javaphiles

Curated By Muskan Khullar

Home to the renowned Havana Coffee Works and many internationally acclaimed baristas, Wellington is the coffee capital of New Zealand and here's why you must visit it next if you love this caffeinated beverage

Wellington's rich cafe culture traces its roots to the 1950s and now, it houses plenty of boutique coffee roasters and companies like Flight Coffee and People's Coffee

Havana Coffee Works on Cuba Street in Wellington founded in 1989 is renowned for its specialty coffee and it’s a space you must visit during your trip. Here, you can even witness the roasting process and experience a range of brews

Another cafe that you must stop by is The Evil Twins founded by Stephanie and Natalie Chin. Expect unique drinks such as triple shot lattes, matcha lattes, double trouble chocolate, and cheeky peachy iced tea jars

Known for its careful selection of premium beans, roasting them to perfection, and presentation of fine brews, Flight Coffee Hangar in Wellington boasts an inviting and immersive ambience

The Café Pour and Twist is the first and only entirely manually operated coffee brew bar in Aotearoa, New Zealand and for any who loves an individualistic take on their beans, they must add this place to their itinerary

Dear coffee-holics, will New Zealand be your next travel destination?


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