Chokita Paul


Chokita Paul, a native of Kolkata, is a fervent admirer of literature and the craft of storytelling. She enjoys watching indie avant-garde movies as much as listening to soft rock music. She typically reads non-fiction, also including graphic novels and biographies. She respects all arts and is a keen listener.

 All the world’s a stage  

Before World Theatre Day, we speak to thespians, founders of cultural spaces in the city who tell us why it is tough to sustain theatre, how the rewards of doing so are well worth the effort, and more

23 Mar 2023

Amitabh S Verma's latest track 'Khelo Shyam Sang Hori' takes listeners on a joyous musical journey

Experience the celestial essence of Lord Krishna through the passionate and fervent music of Amitabh S Verma’s latest drop

24 Mar 2023

A sensory uprising: 20-day Food Festival curates a pan-Asian dream

Celebrity Chef, Lai Kuan Geo visits Hyderabad and Bengaluru to curate a 20-day Asian Food Festival, walks us through his culinary intelligentsia and more

24 Mar 2023

Harsha Durugadda: City-based artist bags TAF award 

The artist’s innovative approach to sculpting has gained him much recognition, and his recent win at TAF is a well-deserved accolade 

16 Mar 2023

Curator and researcher Srinivas Aditya Mopidevi brings dissent to the fore

The continuing show vocalises quiet protest through art, frequently muffled out by the clamour of a more divisive environment

17 Mar 2023

Varunika Saraf: ‘For the women before me, and after’

The 2023 Asia Arts Game Changer award, which Varunika Saraf recently won, is an encouragement to keep expanding the limits of her ideation

16 Mar 2023

Sastry Sanyasayya records a traveller's memoir

 The artist tries different materials and techniques in order to achieve the desired effect in his work

10 Mar 2023

Shriram Alluri taking his music beyond barriers

Shriram Alluri records his impending album in UK, under the direction of Razorlight

10 Mar 2023

City-based gallery's ongoing exhibit chronicles a confluence of metaphors 

When artists experiment with acrylics, tempera, oils and printmaking to illustrate stories from the life they observe around them, there is magic.

10 Mar 2023

Fit as a flea

City-based chef and a fitness freak, Kishan Reddy opens Fit Eatery Café which serves diet meals, detox drinks and more  

03 Mar 2023

Gelato pop-art

Newly opened ice cream parlour cheers with bits of spiced fruit in the mason-jarred Gadbud, Kiwi Milkshake and Mojito Popscicle 

03 Mar 2023

Rajat Kapoor: I don’t work towards making a character

Rajat Kapoor discusses clowning in theatre, and the role it plays in disseminating free expressions

03 Mar 2023

Through the glass ceiling 

 City-based theatre ensemble, Sutradhar amplifies the voices of women in their quest for soul-searching   

03 Mar 2023

Nataka Kitchen and Café delivers an epicure’s finesse 

The newly-opened themed restaurant wraps you in its authentic continental and South Indian cuisine with delicious Mutton Shorba, Tres Lichi, Grilled Chicken Steak and more 

24 Feb 2023

City-based chef opens up about being a sweet-tooth, shares winsome recipe

Disha Arora employs the delicacy of Dark Compound Chocolate to fine-tune the chewy textured dessert bite 

23 Feb 2023

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