Anupria Goenka is gearing up for an exciting second season of Aashram

Actor Anupria Goenka is thrilled with the overwhelming love and acclaim following Aashram and Unkahee

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  02nd October 2020 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  02nd October 2020 12:00 AM

Anupria Goenka

He has been a part of two binge-worthy web series just this year — Aashram and Asur. We are talking about the dusky beauty Anupria Goenka. The leggy lass with an attitude to match with has rocked the part of Dr Natasha in Aashram, who fearlessly pursues her profession. She is also a part of the web short, Unkahee, that released last Saturday (September 26) on Eros Now.

Directed by Anushree Mehta, this whodunnit murder mystery film sees Goenka playing Tia Sharma, a regional manager of a telecom company, who is one of the six suspects and they have 12 hours to find out the real killer. Thrilled about the rave reviews she is getting for her work in Aashram and Unkahee, Anupria shares with us what keeps her going. Excerpts:

You must be happy with the responses you are getting for Aashram?

Oh! The responses are overwhelming. People seemed to have loved the series and loved my work in it. It’s a different kind of role that I played, which is a little jumpy as a character and is strong, forceful and opinionated.

Anupria Goenka

And now you are looking every bit the character in Unkahee.

We shot Unkahee three years ago. It has a very interesting storyline. I play a suspect, who is trying to figure out the real killer and everybody is doubting everyone and playing their own cards. That duality needed to come through in my acting, since Tia could be innocent or guilty and the suspense needs to be kept intact till the end.

What are the other projects you are working on?

We just finished filming Criminal Justice 2, and there’s Mere Desh Ki Dharti with Divyenndu Sharma and Aashram 2. Also, there are two other projects, a film and a series on the anvil.

What’s your personal fashion statement?

I love wearing comfortable long dresses or skirts in cotton. But it depends on my mood. I also like wearing halter necks, and my favourite colours are white and red.

Anupria Goenka

Your diet and fitness routine.

It’s a mix of weight and body functional training, apart from yoga. It’s always homemade food for me. I begin my day with water and apple cider vinegar or lemon water. I love drinking masala chai, and my favourite cuisine is continental. My comfort food is any dish made with egg.

Your skin and hair care regimens?

I have dry skin, and I don’t do much except moisturising it properly. Right now, I am using a moisturising cream from Avene and also Emolene. I keep myself hydrated and also use a sunblock. For hair, I don’t so much, except massaging the scalp with any oil one a week. It is essential to keep the scalp clean, and I use Olaplex products for that. I don’t wear make-up when I am not working, and I believe that an anxiety-free mind is important for having healthy skin and hair.

Anupria Goenka

Beauty essentials in your bag?

A lip balm, moisturiser, lipstick, concealer and blush.

What are your hobbies?

I listen to a lot of ballads, old classics, retro Hindi music. I love reading poems and writing. I also started sketching again during the lockdown.