Happy brunch at Theory

Theory Café recently underwent a menu revamp, showcasing a range of exciting new additions like Caprese Croissant and Chicken Shashlik Sizzler 
The Theory Café and Patisserie's Caprese Croissant: Happy brunch at Theory
The Theory Café and Patisserie's Caprese Croissant: Happy brunch at Theory

Upon first glance, the Caprese Croissant at Theory Café and Patisserie beckons with its golden, flaky exterior. As you take your initial bite, the delicate crunch gives way to a medley of flavours that dance on your palate. The tomatoes, plump and bursting with sweetness, complement the velvety mozzarella cheese, while the aromatic basil lends a fragrant note.

The café has perpetually stood as a sanctuary for those passionate about the artistry of food. With a recent transformation that graced their menu, a cornucopia of novel offerings was unveiled with sizzlers, bagel sandwiches and mezze platters. The Chicken Sashlik Sizzler arrives with a captivating sizzle, its aroma irresistibly enticing. The Biscouff Croissant, a heavenly delight, melds buttery croissant layers with Biscoff crunch, a divine harmony of textures.

The Raspberry Pinwheel Croissant, expertly rolled, offers a burst of fruity goodness, a perfect pairing with your coffee or tea. The Vietnamese Cold Coffee is rich and full-bodied, a testament to the quality of the beans used. Likewise, another cold brew, the Espresso Orange Sunrise was an inventive beverage that combines the boldness of espresso with the citrusy zing of fresh orange juice, creating a perfect pick-me-up for a lazy afternoon. Of course, the Strawberry Milkshake was a classic indulgence done right. Made with fresh, ripe strawberries and creamy, velvety milk, the milkshake was a delightful pink concoction that is both visually appealing and incredibly tasty, as if the ideal choice for anyone with a sweet tooth. It wasn’t raining in Hyderabad but at Theory, we felt the ambience come alive, echoing the petrichor and the gentle pattering of raindrops. The sound of softly trickling water from an artificial stream meandering through the café added to the illusion of rain.

Each table was adorned with miniature potted plants, and the wooden furniture, carefully crafted to resemble tree trunks, provided a sense of being nestled amidst nature. It was as though the café had harnessed the very essence of a rainy day, encapsulating the serene beauty of nature within its walls. And then there were the people — some, engrossed in their own world, yet collectively contributing to the harmonious hum of the café. We sat there, sipping a Hot Chocolate, to feel contentment wash over us. The lack of actual rain outside didn’t matter as long as we were within the cosy confines of Theory.

`700 upwards. At Jubilee Hills. — Chokita Paul chokita@new indianexpress.com @PaulChokita

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