Ekam’s new perfume sprays collection will transport you to popular travel destinations 

The sprays are themed on travel and exploration
Ekam's new fragrance collection
Ekam's new fragrance collection

One of the best ways to capture the essence of a place is through its fragrance. Luxury brand Ekam has come up with six new perfume sprays inspired by the aroma of prominent local and global travel destinations like London, Barcelona, Santorini, Hauz Khas, Udaipur and Goa. 

The spray called Weekends in Goa reminds one of the weekends in the coastal state with notes of berry and florals mixed with a delicious vanilla base. The Evenings in Santorini fragrance has floral notes blended with the essence of honey and wood. Another one based on the location of Barcelona captures the ever-vibrant pulse of this beach city with invigorating notes of citrus fruits, wood and florals. The fragrance based on Udaipur encapsulates the romantic and royal charm of the Lake City with floral and amber notes while the Hauz Khas fragrance captures the relaxed ambience of the place with woody and floral notes. Finally, the London fragrance permeates sophistication in the air with floral, fruity and musky notes emanating a refined feminine allure. 

Sharing about the idea of travel-inspired fragrances, Aarti Koy, CEO, Ekam shares, “Most of our customers are aged between 18-34 years who love to travel and enjoy new experiences. So we decided to bring out a range of fragrances that will enable our customers to enjoy the mood and vibe of some of the top travel destinations at their desk or home, and also provide them with a fun way to escape from the routine, stress, etc. while they plan their next holiday.”

On being asked about the USP of the fragrances, she avers, “Our fragrances are sourced from international fragrance houses in France and Italy. The perfume sprays come in trendy, eye-catching designs, offer long-lasting fragrance, are travel-friendly, and easily fit into handbags, all the while providing a luxe feel. They are also a great gifting option for friends and family.” The brand also claims that each of the fragrances can stay up to eight hours with size variations from 5-120ml. 

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